A trail of officers and other staff members from the Seguin Police Department formed outside the order window at Güero’s Backyard just in time for lunch.

Inside the pink house-turned restaurant Güero’s Backyard owners Craig and Denise Ognoskie cooked up tacos and stuffed sack lunches all for the law enforcement officers.

Craig decided to provide lunches for all of the members of the Seguin Police Department including dispatch and support staff after learning about the department’s reported drop in bonuses.

“I had heard about their bonuses being dropped a percentage and that the criteria are harder to meet,” Craig said. “I kind of felt bad about that so I started talking to one of the officers that was at the quinceanera I was catering and then he was explaining that they’re locked out of raises altogether. They don’t get anything.”

The thought of working somewhere where no incentives are offered is hard for him to imagine, Craig said. So he had to step in.

“I thought it was uncalled for and ridiculous actually. Now, we’re trying to help out with whatever we can,” Craig said. “These people take care of us and we can’t take care of them.”

The Ognoskies handed out 81 food tickets for staff to use and redeem for a full meal made up of the Hot N’ Krunchy taco off Güero’s Backyard’s menu, a cookie and a bottled water.

“It’s a chicken breast that’s breaded in corn flakes, chiles, sesame seeds and almonds. We bread it then fry it in peanut oil,” Craig said. “We put it on a homemade oversized tortilla with a mango jalapeño coleslaw and chipotle aioli.”

Amongst the staff picking up grub on Wednesday was Seguin Police Chief Terry Nichols.

“It’s very nice that the community reaches out and does things like this for us. We’re about community involvement and to have them reach out to us saying, ‘Hey we want to do this for the office’ means a lot,” Nichols said. “It shows they appreciate the officers that work in the heat and the middle of the night.”

The Ognoskies plan to feed the Seguin Police again on Tuesday and hope to make it a quarterly deal, Craig said.


Valerie Bustamante is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her atvalerie.bustamante@seguingazette.com .

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