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A family and their pets pose for a photo with Santa at the Humane Society's Children and Pet's Pictures with Santa last year.

Jolly Old St. Nick is coming to town ready to pose for those perfect photos with children, families and pets.

The Guadalupe County Humane Society is hosting its annual Children and Pets Pictures with Santa from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday at the Spirit of Texas Bank, 125 S. State Highway 46.

The big man in the red suit has made this special journey for more than 30 years, Humane Society President Margarett Svatek said.

We first started out over at Oak Park Mall,” she said. “We’ve been doing this since about 1986. We opened our shelter in 1997, but we started the Santa Claus way, way back, and it has just continued to grow.”

In the three decades, Svatek said the event has grown, as have the people who venture to get their photos with Santa each year.

“We have new people, but some have been coming back year after year,” she said. “It’s been a tradition with their family to get their pets and/or their children’s pictures taken with Santa. They just come in and visit and it is just so good to see all of these people, you meet new people and old people and good friends.”

Just like children, families’ fur babies are invited to see Santa, Svatek said.

“We have had goats and horses,” she said. “Our photographer Lynn Glenewinkel goes outside for the larger animals. We’ve had rabbits, but mainly it’s dogs and cats, children and the whole family. It is really fun to see all of these different animals.”

Families can choose from a couple of photo packages for their picture options.

In addition to the photo session with St. Nick, guests can visit with the various vendors, purchase some arts or crafts items, or grab a bowl of chili, chopped barbecue sandwich or hot dog.

“We’re having a bake sale and always have excellent baked goods for people to come and buy,” Svatek said. “We’re looking for more bakers, and we could use more vendors too. I’m looking for someone who makes Christmas wreaths or any kind of wreath.”

Vendors are asked to pay 15% of their proceeds to the shelter for the space, Svatek said.

“If they don’t make anything, they don’t pay anything,” she said,

The event is a fundraising venture for the local shelter to help with the daily operating costs, as well as assistance with providing a low-cost spay and neuter program.

“We think is a very important that we offer this service to the public at a low cost,” Svatek said. “That is not to take away from the vets, but we’re just trying to assist people who otherwise do not get their pets spayed or neutered. We still emphasize the need to have a vet. We do have a licensed veterinarian who does our spay and neuters.”

For more information or to donate, call the Guadalupe Valley Humane Society at 830-372-2055.

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at .

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