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Local LULAC backs landfill proposal

Company will provide $20,000 a year to group for scholarships and other projects

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Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2012 12:00 am

GUADALUPE COUNTY — LULAC Council 682 of Seguin, in a meeting Sept. 24, voted to enter into a partnership with Post Oak Clean Green Inc., the corporation that has applied to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for a permit to establish a municipal solid waste landfill in northeastern Guadalupe County.

The vote came after Tom Funderburg, whose family owns Post Oak Clean Green, went before the LULAC board to express an interest in helping the organization with its local initiatives.

Post Oak Clean Green will provide $10,000 per year to LULAC for college scholarships for local students and an additional $10,000 per year to be used by LULAC for other local projects such as its successful community garden program which provides free produce to community residents.

“This partnership is something that the whole community will benefit from,” said Ricardo Guerra, president of LULAC Council 682. “Many people on fixed incomes go to the community garden and save money each month. We also donate food to the food bank in Seguin.”

Before LULAC and the corporation discussed a partnership, LULAC sent a letter dated Sept. 6 to TCEQ expressing support for the proposed landfill and components of the project that are consistent with LULAC’s mission.

LULAC leaders said they are excited about the proposed education center, recycling center, wildlife refuge and local jobs that would be created at the landfill.

“The recycling program sounds very promising,” Guerra said. “We need that in Seguin; it doesn’t exist here today. We will all benefit from recycling.”

Guerra said LULAC Council 682 is aware of some local opposition to the proposed landfill but does not agree with it.

“We have to have somewhere to put our waste,” Guerra said. “We create trash but we don’t want to deal with it. If everybody opposed it in the state of Texas, where would we put our waste? People need to understand that as long as Post Oak complies with state regulations there’s no reason to oppose it.”

LULAC Council 682 becomes the first organization of any sort that has endorsed the proposed landfill.

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  • GunnyA posted at 9:12 pm on Wed, Oct 3, 2012.

    GunnyA Posts: 259

    Loki...that would be a perfect world, we do not live in a perfect world...

  • loki posted at 11:00 pm on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

    loki Posts: 71

    I don't know why we have all these ethnic organizations in the first place. If all of us would quit trying to subdivide this country into titles such as hispanic american, african american, russian american ,ect. and be just PROUD AMERICANS, we wouldn't have any use for lulac, naacp, or any of the organizations that divide us as a country.

  • GunnyA posted at 9:30 pm on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

    GunnyA Posts: 259

    Thank you, Madea...although I don't know Scott personally, I do admire his knowledge and tenacity.

    ..."if you want to be heard, you must speak up"...

  • posted at 8:23 pm on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.


    GunnyA. I have known Mr. Powers for many years, over twenty,and he is very, very good at business and reading between the lines..I am sure what he means in this conversation is that it is all too convenient that they came up with this scholarship program now. Mr. Powers is somewhat misunderstood in the way he comes across to people..He is from a slightly different crowd.

  • deehaki posted at 9:05 am on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

    deehaki Posts: 120

    well !! lulac doesnt speak for all hispanic's !! at least for this one anyway
    [thumbdown] to post oak !!!

  • GunnyA posted at 7:10 am on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

    GunnyA Posts: 259

    I appreciate and respect your opinion, Scott....but, we also have the lazy poor who reach out for anything they can get without applying effort. We will respectfully agree to disagree...

  • scottpowers posted at 6:55 am on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

    scottpowers Posts: 227

    Sorry GunnyA, I brought that up for a reason..Here in this area, Seguin, the vast majority of people here are the working poor and lower middle class which I think, from the tone of the article, happens to target them directly..I am not buying it!

  • scottpowers posted at 6:34 am on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

    scottpowers Posts: 227

    Sorry GunnyA but the reason I brought that up

  • GunnyA posted at 6:31 am on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

    GunnyA Posts: 259

    Hank E Panky...knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart; intelligence is not information alone but also judgment......

  • GunnyA posted at 10:21 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    GunnyA Posts: 259

    Scott...yeah, it is a matter of perspective and opinion Unfortunately for most, in regards to Post Oak Green, their opinion isn't worth a copper penny because the decision to approve or disapprove is in the hands of TCEQ. You seem to take every opportunity to mention your brothers law practice and wealth, both of which are the most insignificant items in this discussion. But, if it makes you feel better about yourself, do or say what makes you feel warm all over. I wouldn't trade my rubber ducky for your brothers Highland Park home. Personal attacks are immature and completely unnecassary. I wish that dueling was still a way of handling disputes...

  • scottpowers posted at 6:47 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    scottpowers Posts: 227

    Thanks for your honest answer..I am not a fan of the disguised names. I noted that you seem to know the Funderburgs, and that being said, you know that they have had issues with following the rules of the law, this is fact not fiction, that can be proven..You state that they are the all american family..That may be true but they have alot more monitary resources than a vast majority of the people here in Seguin and they use that. It's all a matter of perspective. For example,.In my brother's neighborhood in Highland Park, Dallas Texas, they would be considered poor so their projects and idea's would be considered a joke..No one in their right mind would request a dump unless it was a huge money maker. This article may fool most of the people here, but I am not one of them. The math just isn't there!!!

  • GunnyA posted at 5:27 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    GunnyA Posts: 259

    I don't have a problem identifying myself to anyone, Scott...I'm a retired US Marine, Marines and friends alike know me as Gunny or GunnyA. My name is Eddie Aguilar, I live in Seguin and if anyone cares to talk, my phone # is (830) 660-3637....

  • scottpowers posted at 2:26 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    scottpowers Posts: 227

    GunnyA sould give us their real name...

  • kelly posted at 2:26 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    kelly Posts: 1

    @makeSensetoMe If you like the idea of a dump for seguin then let them put it by your home, not by mine. I do not live in seguin and I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE NEAR SEGUINS DUMP.My home is already there find some place else to put a dump. i suggest your back yard

  • scottpowers posted at 2:22 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    scottpowers Posts: 227

    You have got to be kidding me with this! There is no way that this could be true...No WAY..We need some collateral on this.. If the Funderburgs are for real on this, I say put up somne money now!!!

  • Hoot posted at 1:43 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    Hoot Posts: 144

    David Lee
    I am sorry that making your drug of choice illegal upsets you.
    Stock up and carry on. [whistling]

  • Hoot posted at 1:38 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    Hoot Posts: 144


    I'll give you $10 a year and buy you a beer if you turn in your LULAC card. [smile]

  • Lnghorn posted at 12:01 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    Lnghorn Posts: 40

    I agree Mr Seguin

  • Hank E Panky posted at 11:29 am on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    Hank E Panky Posts: 2

    Well, Well, Well,

    The voters of Guadalupe county just got slipped another "roofie"!

  • MakesSensetoMe posted at 10:17 am on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    MakesSensetoMe Posts: 1

    Finally, someone has the courage to see through what is going on here: a few adjacent landowners have scared everybody into thinking that the landfill will terrorize their lives. The fact is it is good for Guadalupe County and will be no threat whatsoever to the water supply. Kudos to LULAC!

  • Mr Seguin posted at 9:14 am on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    Mr Seguin Posts: 34

    LULAC!! HAHAHAHA! What a joke well just one more reason to never vote for anyone supported by LULAC. This is the water that we the people of Seguin are drinking right now! What a stand to take right before the election. Remember DO NOT vote for candidates who are supported by this obviously horrible organization!!!

  • PeggyH posted at 8:51 am on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    PeggyH Posts: 408

    The Post Oak Clean Green project has been the source of debate for months. If LULAC supported the initiative why didn't they demonstrate support prior to September 6th? When the letter of support was sent to TCEQ the "contract" appeared in less than two weeks. I'm borrowing a phrase that has been used in Guadalupe County quite is what it is!

  • Local LULAC Backs Landfill Proposal posted at 7:29 am on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    Local LULAC Backs Landfill Proposal Posts: 1

    The Seguin LULAC Council 682 Foundation has been developing a program for funding scholarships, internships & projects which will encourage youth to develop life-long learning skills toward developing conserving, sustainable, & resilient community with sustainable livelihood opportunities. LULAC 682 started this project well before anyone was aware of Post Oak Clean Green.

    If progressive, conserving-conservative, Clean Seguin & environs would provide leadership for other communities in the area of sustainability we would not have to spend time & resources continually developing & managing more landfills. Initiatives in which Seguin should be a leader include:
    • “Zero Waste” involving plastic bag bans, single-stream curbside recycling, & citizen education,
    • “Ecological Literacy” through ecology across curricula & campuses, &
    • “Pragmatic Community Health” including development of bike lanes & pathways & a goal of communities full of walkers & bicyclers with sustainable livelihoods rather than wasteful & polluting automobile riders.

    We need truly sustainable communities which have put a stop to polluting, unsustainable growth which destroys natural diversity. These communities would generate little waste/trash & wouldn’t have to worry with economically- & ecologically-costly land fills as a result of their drastic cuts in consumption of material goods & energy.

    paul bain martin

  • David Lee posted at 11:44 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    David Lee Posts: 398

    "There is an industry today that creates designer drugs, The drugs such as the so named “bath salts” are only now becoming illegal after taking a horrible toll on humanity."

    Sorry Hoot, thread drift and all that, just unavoidable.
    The analogy police just called and told me of your absurd idea that making a substance illegal was going to improve things.
    We know better than that, now don't we?

    Carry on.

  • Hoot posted at 11:33 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    Hoot Posts: 144

    @GuunyA with all respect I have to say I hope that you are wrong. I have nothing against anyone building a business, but there are moral and ethical guidelines that I believe POCG are crossing to maximize profits.

    There is an industry today that creates designer drugs, The drugs such as the so named “bath salts” are only now becoming illegal after taking a horrible toll on humanity. These business operators have become wealthy at the expense of innocent people caught in the actions of users under the influence of these drugs. These business show a total disregard for the effects of there products.

    I am not comparing the Funderburgs to those people, but the similarity of the underlying mindset is I believe is a valid point. Using the current proposed site is certainly a good business decision due to the fact that land has been paid for a long time, but that fact remains that it is in an environmentally sensitive area. A recharge zone for an aquifer that serves million of people. Again I support anyone in their business endeavors as long as long as they take into consideration the impact that their business has on humanity and do not make decisions based on how they can maximize their profits even if it comes at the expense of others.

    The Funderberg family are people of means that could purchase land in an appropriate area to accommodate the requirements of a landfill in an area that would lessen the impact on the environment should an unforeseen event occur. Assuring a clean supply of water now and in the future for millions of people is the responsible action in this case.

  • GunnyA posted at 9:30 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    GunnyA Posts: 259 are absolutely right, I shouls have said..."as the law permits". Tom Funderburg is within his rights, according to the law, in applying for the permits required by law to operate a landfill. TCEQ will eventually approve his application and issue all required permits.

    Hairlover...I know Mr and Mrs Funderburg as well as the rest of the family, and believe this, they are just another American sure does seem that someone put too much hot-sauce in your taco...I have never supported LULAC because of the fact that it is an activist organization and (personal opinion) anti-American....

  • Hairlover posted at 8:11 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    Hairlover Posts: 12

    As with ALL politics...MONEY BUYS VOTES!!!

    Thank you Mr. Funderberg and your family for your generous contribution to an organization that has no say what so ever on a cause that will not ever be voted on.

    You will cram this down the throats of your neighbors no matter what because it puts money in your pocket our say be damned.

    I pray your beloved landfill fills your pockets and you give to the Lord what Jesus told the rich man in Matthew 19;16.

  • David Lee posted at 6:16 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    David Lee Posts: 398

    “This partnership is something that the whole community will benefit from,” said Ricardo Guerra, president of LULAC Council 682..."

    $10,000 or $20,000 will certainly be a benefit, for somebody.

    The community garden project has an expense every month that pretty much consists of a water bill.

    As I understand it, no one is paying for land or labor.

    So, where will the tens of thousands of dollars be going?

    I have as much faith in all this as I do the idea of the Post Oak dump being an educational center.

  • Hoot posted at 4:12 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    Hoot Posts: 144

    "LULAC Council 682 becomes the first organization of any sort that has endorsed the proposed landfill."

    That about sums it up. The agencies task with protecting the water source are against the location of the landfill. Sad that LULAC Council 682 endorsement can be bought. Ricardo Guerra is poorly informed on this issue to say the least.

    @GunnyA People don't have the right to do whatever they want with their land. I live in a neighborhood and own my house and land outright. No matter what safety measures I implement I cannot operate a live fire gun range in my front yard. Common sense and respect for the safety of my neighbors dictate that. Government or agency regulation would be a much lower consideration.

    I have nothing against Tom and his family building this landfill. The entire problem for me is the location inside the recharge zone for the Wilcox aquifer. Nothing Post Oak Clean Green or Blackwell Engineering can say will convince me that they can insure the safe operation of the site for the hundreds of years that it will remain a potential hazard. A failure at their site would could cause irreversible damage to the aquifer.

    Common sense needs to prevail. Post Oak Clean Green needs to find a site that is suited to landfill operation. Recharge zones are not one of those sites.

  • PeggyH posted at 2:28 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    PeggyH Posts: 408

    I agree with GunnyA that the Funderberg's have a right to use their land as they deem fit. In this particular situation their desire to use their land as a solid waste dump requires government approval. The same family has every right to donate their money to whomever they choose. I don't see the situation being an attack on the Latin American culture. What appears to be buying support would be the same if the recipient of the money was the Salvation Army or Humane Society instead of LULAC.

  • patriot posted at 1:43 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    patriot Posts: 16

    My guess is that this has nothing to do with "buying" LULAC support but "buying" someone in political office that supports LULAC and will not oppose the dump due to the LULAC gift.

    What would be super cool about this is if the dump is not approved and the Funderburgs are stuck with giving LULAC $20 grand annually forever...!!

  • GunnyA posted at 1:40 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    GunnyA Posts: 259

    Yes TaxWatchDog....$$$$ speaks louder than words.

  • taxwatchdog posted at 1:23 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    taxwatchdog Posts: 466

    $20,000 sure sounds like 30 pieces of silver to me.

  • GunnyA posted at 1:06 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    GunnyA Posts: 259

    I support the Funderburg family and the landfill project, they have always made charitable contributions to local organizations. Mr and Mrs Funderburg have every right to do whatever it is they want to do with their land. TCEQ will eventually grant the required permits for operation.

    Although I'm glad that Post Oak Green has one more endorsement, I have never been a supporter of LULAC or their activist agenda. I am an American of Mexican and Indian heritage, personal attacks are expected.

  • TexasNana posted at 11:32 am on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    TexasNana Posts: 5

    How sad. It's taken Texas years to get beyond the 'money can buy your vote' reputation we so deservedly earned in the 1900's. Not only should LULAC be ashamed for being bought so cheaply, but they should be doubly ashamed for selling out their childrens' and grandchildrens' environmental future. Water is one of the most precious commodities on Earth and LULAC has just proved that they value money more than water. Hopefully, one of the scholarship recipients will devote their life to reclaiming all the environmental damage caused by thoughtless decisions such as this. "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors...we borrow it from our children."

  • be-for-real posted at 10:52 am on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    be-for-real Posts: 7

    This is not a well thought out agreement. I am not happy about the fact that one assumes that yearly payments to an an organization will get a deal done. The only thing that is worse than that is when the assumption is correct. Mr. Guerra, your reasons for saying this is a good deal is the most degrading thing I have ever heard. Unless the fixed income people you are speaking of are elderly then you are doing nothing to advance the hispanic community. You are feeding them bad juice to continue the life of dependency and entitlements. How about good transportation to local job places? A couple of vans? They do this in San Antonio. There are lots of manufacturing jobs available in our area. Getting people to and from work would go a lot further than just using the money for "free" produce and food. As far as the part for scholarships, well thats good if you actually do it.
    Mr. Guerra, you basically said it was okay to dump here, just give us some money. Then your going to use the money to discourage instead of encourage working.
    I am hispanic and support some of the good Lulac. This isn't one.
    For those of you who put Lulac down with malice or some biased hatred, don't insert here please. Other leveled opinions, however, I encourage.

  • dealinfacts posted at 10:15 am on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    dealinfacts Posts: 81

    How obvious that an organization can be bought. Maybe it is time for those groups that fund or offer financial support to them to reconsider. It would appear they woundn't need much since they have the Funderburg funds. In addition, it appears LULAC is endorsing a possible contamination of our water supply. One wonders?

  • Lnghorn posted at 8:32 am on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    Lnghorn Posts: 40

    Big suprise that LULAC would support something like this.

  • Danska posted at 6:57 am on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    Danska Posts: 22

    Now we know how much it costs to buy an endorsement by the local LULAC Chapter. Very sad showing by a group that should set a higher standard. [sad]

  • PeggyH posted at 5:36 am on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    PeggyH Posts: 408

    It's one thing to support a project but why advertise that you can be bought? IF I decide to support the land fill just make my check out to Master Card.

  • loki posted at 12:57 am on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    loki Posts: 71

    Who cares what they think. At least we know how much they charge for an endorsement...