Rey Luján Gaytan

Artist Rey Luján Gaytan will give a lecture at the grand opening of “La Galería” at the Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguin Cultural Arts Center on Saturday, April 7.

While there has always been a space at the Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguin’s Cultural Arts Center for artists to showcase their work, the local organization has finally decided to officially recognize it.

The Teatro board is hosting the grand opening of “La Galería,” along with a lecture by artist Rey Luján Gaytan whose work is currently on display in the space, 921 W. New Braunfels St., from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, April 7.

“’La Galería’ is the first room when you walk into Teatro’s Cultural Arts Center,” Teatro de Artes executive director Yvonne De La Rosa said. “’La Galería’ is usually the first area or room in a building. It is a covered or enclosed area used by merchants or organizations to exhibit or sell items. The room has been used for exhibits, lectures and programs during the past 20 years; however, during a Teatro board meeting, the members choose to baptize this room as ‘La Galeria’ or gallery.”

The organization decided to feature Gaytan as the artists for the official opening because of his long history with Teatro, she said.

“Rey served as Teatro’s first visiting artist in residency from 1988 to 1989 and has been a supporter and friend of Teatro since the late 80s,”  De La Rosa said. 

Gaytan was born on Kingsbury Street with his nine siblings in his grandparents’ home before moving to New Braunfels. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned both his Bachelor of Fine Arts and master’s degree.

Additionally, Gaytan has served as a visiting artist at Seguin, Marion and Navarro Independent School Districts under the sponsorship of groups such as the Seguin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a news release said.

Furthermore, Gaytan has been in several one-person and group exhibitions throughout the United States. He now lives in Springer, New Mexico.

“Mr. Gaytan specializes in drawing, watercolors and oil paintings, clay, murals and community art projects,” De La Rosa said. “Symbols and images of Texan, Mexican American, and Mesoamerican cultures are often prominent in his work.”

While “La Galería” has always been used, De La Rosa said they hope to now “keep the space alive with art, exhibits” all the time.

“We look forward to opening our doors to artists who want to inspire, who want to share not only their art but also educate those who enter our cultural arts center,” she said.

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