A pair of local men believe they’re well on their way to taking the consumer market by storm.

David Baker and Robert Dulin, both of Kingsbury, created a device they think many people need, even if they don’t know they need it. The men and their employees at a small production warehouse in Kingsbury are bring that device to the masses.

The Freeze Miser, an outdoor faucet freeze protector the gentleman collaborated on to develop, went up for sale last year on Amazon, Dulin said.

“We sold a few last year but this year we’re really getting going,” Baker said. “We’ve been to shows in Florida, over up to Minnesota and all parts in between. We’re actually getting this thing to the public.”

The duo have worked on developing the Freeze Miser for about 15 years, but intensified their efforts in the past five years or so, Dulin said. The device hooks to outdoor water faucets at homes and commercial buildings to create a slow drip in the event of freezing temperatures.

The drip protects indoor pipes from freezing over and bursting with minimal effort from the user and a minimal amount of water lost in the process. The preventative drip potentially saves property owners from hundreds of dollars in repairs, water damage, wasted time, effort and energy, Dulin said.

He developed the technology, but they weren’t the first to come up with the use for the Freeze Miser, Dulin said. For many decades, people have tried to devise ways of preventing their pipes from freezing and bursting, especially in the colder northern states, he said. But he was able to work off of ideas from other technologies to perfect the Freeze Miser’s premise, Dulin said.

While freezing takes place most often in other parts of the country, it happens around here occasionally. And, the men said, being prepared with their gadget only makes sense.

The small price of purchasing a Freeze Miser is quickly covered the first time a hard freeze hits the area and the device does its job, Baker said.

People in places like this part of Texas sometimes forget to consider what might happen if outdoor temperatures take a sudden deep dip, he said. But once they screw on the Freeze Miser to an outside faucet and open the faucet valve, they won’t have to worry about it any longer, Baker said.

“It’s something everyone needs but they just don’t know it yet,” he said. “People just have to be shown there’s a problem they’ve been fighting all their lives.”

The product is good for use at homes, farms/ranches, vacation homes or rental properties, hunting leases, feed pens and more, according to the product website, freezemiser.com.

Taking about three hours to drip a gallon of water, the Freeze Miser helps conserve a crucial resource, its inventors said. It saves the users time and energy because once installed, they don’t need to check on properties to make sure the faucet is set to drip in the event of a freeze, Baker and Dulin said.

It potentially saves money, the website suggests.

“Avoid costly plumbing repairs for those times you forget to drip your faucet,” the website reads.

They manufacture and assemble the Freeze Miser at a facility in Kingsbury on property his daughter owns, Dulin said. They employ about eight people helping to get the local company off the ground and the product into the hands of people across the nation, he said.

The local outfit runs with the use of area residents, namely relatives, he said.

“All of the employees out here are family; this is a family deal,” Dulin said. “Everybody’s on board if we need extra help. Everybody’s off if we don’t. It’s always good to have family.”

Dalondo Moultrie is the assistant managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at dalondo.moultrie@seguingazette.com .

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