A committee made up of several city organizations is looking to help fund some projects that are meant to beautify the overall city.

The Help Seguin Shine Task Force is accepting applications until Sept. 13 for reimbursement grants to help fund beautification projects 

“We receive grant proposals usually from nonprofits organizations and different community groups that are looking to make types of beautification projects for Seguin,” Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce President Kennedy Gravett said. “The types of proposals that normally get funded are ones that are visible in the community and most benefit the community.”

The grant funding, which ranges between $250 to $2,500, comes from voluntary donations made by utility customers on their utility bills and donations made by businesses.

When deciding which project is awarded those reimbursement grants, Gravett said the task force — made up of the Seguin Area Chamber  of Commerce, Seguin Conservation Society, Seguin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Seguin MLK Committee, Seguin Parks and Recreation Citizen’s Advisory Board, Seguin Planning and Zoning Board and Seguin Main Street Advisory Board — looks at a variety of qualifications.

“We do take a look at how feasible they are and if they have enough volunteer workers,” Gravett said. “That they have other funding partners. We look at several things before we make our decision.”

Some other items they look at are if the projects are going to enhance the city parks; have seasonal or permanent lighting; are capital improvements or have increased opportunities for tourism, recreations, sporting events, conventions and seminars.

Applicants must complete this project within a year or request an extension in writing to avoid having their award funding forfeited. 

The Help Seguin Shine program funded some planters that were put downtown; the Ranger Mural for the Seguin Commission on the Arts; electrical repairs at the Boy and Girls Club of South Central Texas; awnings at Teatro De Artes and a wildlife viewing area at the Seguin Outdoor Learning Center in 2018.

For more information, call the Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce at 830-379-6382, or email president@seguinchamber.com. Applications can also be picked up at the Chamber offices at 116 N. Camp St. or can be found at bit.ly/33cX6Om .



Valerie Bustamante is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at valerie.bustamante@seguingazette.com .

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