The Seguin High School Drama Mamas and Papas have just the ticket for area residents who love the theater.

The nonprofit group is offering season tickets for this year’s performances, Drama Mamas & Papas President Kelly Follis said.

“We just wanted to step up our game and make our presentation classy when it comes to marketing our shows,” she said.

The package includes a ticket for each one of the troupe’s three shows this season with prime, reserved seating, reserved parking, and concessions.

“We thought about what other theater companies do for perks, and so ours are along the same lines that you would find at the Majestic or one of the operas,” Follis said. “Those are things that we can do that add to the whole experience and make it something that someone really has gone out on the town. We want our patrons to feel like they’ve been taken care of.”

Additionally, all theater patrons — season ticket holders or general admission — will have the opportunity to place their bids on silent auction items.

The idea came from visiting other theater companies and getting a chance to shop for merchandise following the show, Follis said.

“That is one of our favorite things, after the show, go to the store and pick up the merchandise,” she said. “We thought maybe we could do something like that too. A lot of people who are connected with the show or the cast would love to have a poster signed by the cast. There are going to be some different items that are unique to a show and some that are theater-related in general.”

Each silent auction will be hosted in the lobby and open for bids during all three performances, closing just before the curtain closes on the finale.

Bidders don’t have to be a guest to cast their bids, Follis said.

All of the proceeds from the season tickets and the silent auctions will benefit the Seguin High School theater program.

“The kids are doing their job of putting on quality entertainment that people want to see, but we need to do our job and support them, get people in there and take care of them the way we are able to,” Follis said. “As a benefit, this helps us raise funds to help us keep doing things that make the kids feel special and give them that extra little push to have the confidence to get out on that stage.”

Season tickets are $60 and are available at Gift and Gourmet, and Keepers Interiors. This year’s shows include “Willy Wonka Jr.” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Over the River & Through the Woods.” Anyone interested in making donations or volunteering can contact Follis at 830-305-1534.

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at .

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