The numbers don’t lie, this community is growing. And with growth comes additions of new housing and retail sites.

Area development was a hot topic of discussion during the regular meeting of the Navarro ISD School Board on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

“We all know that we are in a really high growth corridor kind of situated between Interstate 35 and Interstate 10,” Seguin Economic Development Corporation executive director Josh Schneuker said. “We hear about the accelerated 35 corridor, but it’s really starting to creep this way.”

According to the United States Census Bureau, Seguin’s population is estimated at more than 30,000; in 2010 it was a little more than 25,000.

By 2020 the population is estimated to be about 33,129 and by 2025 it’s supposed to be 36,577, Schneuker said.

“Our team at city hall has gone through our old residential building permits issues and estimated in terms of average house size and we’ve come up with a 10 percent increase from 2010 to 2015. In 2013, we only had 73 single-family residential permits issued. Last year, 249 and the year before that 252. From 2013 to 2016 we had a 245 percent increase in the number of permits that were issued for residential development within the city. So we’re seeing some substantial increases in those numbers.”

There are several home developments in the works to help with the population growth.

Near State Highway 46 on the eastside of Rudeloff Road, construction is currently underway on the 282-acre residential development of Mill Creek Crossing/Village at Mill Creek. When Perry Homes finishes the 800 single-family homes they will start at about $220,000, Schneuker said.

Another development currently underway is the Meadows at Nolte Farms, off State Highway 123 Bypass just south of Eastwood Drive. The 188-acre residential development is expected to have 383 single family homes, priced at about $160,000 constructed by DR Horton, he said.

Additionally, Navarro Crossing near 123 Bypass north of Cordova Road, which will have 62 duplex condo units; phase II of the Oak Hollow Apartments, which is the expansion of 96 units; and Windbrook, located off of Walnut Street, east of SH 123 Bypass with 98 residential lots also are under construction, Schneuker said.

While those are all being built at the moment, there also are three other residential projects in the works — two in Seguin ISD and one in Navarro ISD.

“Navarro Oak is going to be over 123 Bypass near Martindale Road. That is going to deliver close to about 330 lots starting at $220,000. The two others are within Seguin ISD,” Schneuker said. “We have one called Hidden Brooke that’s off (State Highway) 46 behind Cavco, kind of situated between 46 and Huber Road. That one will deliver close to 500 lots (with a $185,000 starting price) and then the big one is going to be on the southwest side of town at State Highway 46 and FM 725. We expect that development to deliver over 1,000 homes.”

The three projects are expected to break ground in spring 2018, he said.

“We feel very confident in the city … Essentially all of their platts are under review and engineering is under review.,” Schneuker said. “Once their plot is approved they can essentially move forward with their developments. These take years and years to deliver all those homes. It does not happen all at once.”

Schneuker said State Highway 46 and State Highway 123 between Rudeloff and Cordova Road is an area of special interest for residential development.

“I want to reiterate that there is no immediate development at this time in this area,” he said. “Nothing is going to break ground this year. There are developments in the works in this area, but we still have not had a full submittal. So in telling how many lots, we expect to deliver that’s still a big question mark.”

While the area is a hot spot for development, there still are some hindrances, Schneuker said.

“There is no wastewater service to essentially support a single family home,” he said. “That is something that we’re working on with the developers and seeing how we can extend wastewater service out to that area. That is in the works. We likely won’t see any service extended to that area probably for another year, maybe year-and-a-half with the way it’s looking right now.”

During the presentation, Schneuker also discussed the expansion of retail in Seguin.

“We’ve been having some dialogue with the developer recently for the New Quest Seguin Town Center between (State Highway) 46 and 78,” he said. “The challenge on the retail side of this development is trying to find an anchor tenant. Retail is really evolving right now and there’s only a handful of anchor tenants you can really pick from. It is an anchor tenant that we need to get off the ground on the retail side … But again these retailers plan their developments out a year in advance. So if we do land a tenant we’re not likely to see anything until 2019.”

The project is a 545 acres mixed-use development that is proposed to have 800,000 square feet of retail with the remaining portions to be used for single family and multi-family development, Schneuker said.

As for the proposed Walmart Super Center at State Highway 46 and Interstate 10, it’s been put at a standstill, he said.

“We did meet with Walmart at a retail conference that we were at late last year. We were informed by them that, given the nature of the retail market at the moment and they’re focus shifting to E-Commerce, this store has been put on hold for the time being,” Schneuker said. “There is no immediate timeline. The good news out of this is that they have no intentions to sell the land at this time. We are continued to be encouraged by the growth that this store will come along eventually, but no timeline to work with at this moment.”

Furthermore, the city is working with a developer out of San Antonio to find retailers for a piece of land on State Highway 46 and CH Matthies that will be a mixed-use retail development, he said.

With the growing economy, Schneuker said the city is continuing to build upon its talent pipeline.

“Here in Seguin, we’ve added close to 500 jobs within the past year. From 2012 to 2017, a five year period, we added almost 1,500 jobs in the area,” he said. “We’re having to get really creative on how we can build our talent pipeline in the region. Manufacturing is really the backbone of our economy.”

According to the SEDC, manufacturing is the top industry in Seguin with 22.5 percent, education and healthcare come in at 20.5 percent and retail covers 15.3 percent.

The city has partnered with the Central Texas Technology Center to offer academic, technical and continuing education programs for community members. They’ve also established relationships with Navarro ISD and Seguin ISD to offer more career and technical education programs, industry summits and manufacturing and healthcare tours around the city.

“It’s really important to our vitality and ensuring that we have a talent pipeline going forward,” Schneuker said.

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With economic development is the increased need for infrastructural planning to accommodate the additional number of people. We can't allow ourselves to be swept away by eco-development fervor, and fail to consider the increasing need for housing, schools, efficient commuter routes, water and electricity, trash disposal and sewage handling and treatment systems. This is particularly true of cities hemmed in by interstate highways.

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