Mike Wiggins

Photograph courtesy of Brazos County's Judicial Records Search at: http://justiceweb.co.brazos.tx.us

COLLEGE STATION - Guadalupe County Judge Mike Wiggins was arrested Monday night at a College Station hotel and jailed on a charge of possession of marijuana, less than 2 ounces.

Rhonda Seaton, public information officer for the College Station Police Department, said an officer was dispatched at 11:15 p.m. Monday to the Hilton Hotel, 801 University Drive East, in response to a call about the possibility of someone having marijuana at the hotel.

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David Lee


I TOLD you it was a harmless drug!

Take a deep breath (I didn't say inhale) and try to remember how much you respected the judge up until now.

Well, he's the same guy.

Legalize it.


I can't disagree, David. He still has my vote next election.


i wonder how much evidence went up in smoke! good role model


He was attending a County Judges & Commissioners Court conference. Checked in early Tue morning, headed straight for coffee and strutted around acting like nothing happened.


After all he's done in his career, both professionally(a lifetime of public service) and volunteering endless hours in this community, he's got my vote again. Like David Lee said, he's the still the same guy! Keep up all the incredible work Mike, we're lucky to have you and wouldn't want anyone else leading this County.


Bull! What a Hypocrit! Wonder how many he arrested in his career for the same offense! Wiggins please do what is right and resign! Had his own grinder did he? Looks like this is a common thing and I do not want a County Judge that is dumb enough to toke it up in his own room! This stuff ain't brainfood! You can't fix stupid !


This guy was a state trooper. Do you know how many people he put in jail for marijuana?

How about all the people in court this week on charges of marijuana??

As with all elected officials, one set of rules for you, another set of rules for me.


You will always have our support Mike. We thank you for your life long commitment to the community and the endless hours you have worked and given. There will not be any criticism from us for something available so wide spread legally, medically and privately. If used safely, it is no different that any other medicines so many people in this world are on today. Maybe we should all ask ourselves that the next time that Bud Light commercial comes on TV. What a mess of a world this can be. You will always be a friend and have our vote.


Hey Eddie here is a twist for you. One of your homeboys for a change. Oh if you are wondering who eddie is> Well Lt. Eddie Flores GCSD


I don't profess to be perfect and I am sure many others feel the same way. Keep your head up Mr. Wiggins. A life time of public service in this world would probably drive me to doing worse things to relax. Still got my vote.

Justice4Sale - Guadalupe County

This person needs to resign immediately! As county judge you are the representative of this county - we do not need another Marion Berry type elected official like in DC.

He needs to go to rehabilitation BUT IN NO WAY should the the county and the people of this county must not pay for that or pay his salary while he is attending.

Just another example of the culture of corruption in this county; another example of two sets of laws, those for the elected elite and those for everyone else.

I cant get over that he was at judge's conference paid for by us the taxpayers! What an outrage... what a dissapointment.... what bad day for this community.... what a bad day for Texas Department of Public Safety.

I know he would NOT have been arrested in this community, anyone else would have though and he would have been their judge. How can he ever look with authority at a young kid and say im sending you to TYC for your drug use. - Never can he do that.

What a discrace! Where does this community get these people. Who do they think they are, are they above the law?, I guess it depends on who is enforcing it and if you know them.


Hey TXCitizen,

What if it was cocaine? Or meth?

I guess we should have a discussion on what crimes it's OK for our public officials to commit.

I seem to remember a president being impeached not to long ago for doing something wrong "after hours to relax"....


It doesn't matter if this is considered a "harmless" drug. Or if he has been a wonderful public servant for many years. This was an illegal act. He knew that. He represents our county. He sits on the bench before juvenile offenders. He should know better. There is NO excuse. He made the choice, and obviously this was not a first time occurrence. I don't always do so, but in this instance I have to agree with Justice4Sale. This is another disappointing blow to our county.

I'm also curious as to why Seguin's news seems to not become "news" until it appears on San Antonio newscasts?


he's gone


its a shame that our city and county is being known for drugs what an example are we truly setting for our children [sad]

Alfred Briseño

Judge Wiggins appears to have an (up until now) squeaky-clean record.

If he's an honest person, he won't let his career end as just another in a long list of law-breaking, hypocritical elected officials. If he's an honest person, he'll lend his voice to the call for reformed marijuana laws.

His story tells us, not all marijuana users are shiftless, mooching morons.

According to a recent Gallup poll, a slight majority of Americans agree that marijuana ought to be legalized. Studies have shown that the negative effects of marijuana are minimal and that marijuana use is 'safer' than the consumption of alcohol, which - unlike marijuana - can lead to overdose, physical addiction and, of course, severe physical/mental impairment.

Marijuana is less addictive than tobacco - and it's better for you. While cigarettes, which are legal and regulated, are known to cause millions of deaths each year, a recent study even showed that for some, marijuana usage actually improves ones lung functions.

The laws against money are a ruse - they don't work, they won't work. They've ruined lives and ended careers.

We live in a country with the highest documented incarcerated population in the world. Our prisons and jails are over-filled, stuffed with people who are locked up for doing what Judge Wiggins did - commit a completely non-violent crime. And who pays for their stay? We, the tax payers.

Judge Wiggins smokes weed. So do a lot of other otherwise law-abiding, gainfully employed, tax-paying Americans.

Our president, Barack Obama, admitted to habitually using marijuana. Cocaine, too. Yet he runs the so-called "free world" while others who commit the same harmless crimes are locked up and given the prospect of a bleak future.

Time to end the stupid marijuana laws. They cost more than they save, they ruin more than they repair.

Judge Wiggins, an honest person would speak out against the thing that threatens to ruin your career.


KARMA!!! to bad McMinn isn't in private practice, she could make this disappear just like she did for his boys...looks like the apple doesnt fall to far from the tree. BAHAHAHAHAHA. BBQ man you got it...all u supporting him, really were you supporting Cavazos and Rosas????? You guys crack me up now he is an outstanding citizen for all his service!!! He broke the law...remember that!!!! Oh thats right he is one of the Good Ole boys!!!!! "WE SHOULD USE HIM AS AN EXAMPLE AND LETS PROSECUTE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW" Lets be the county where our Judges smoke pot, cops plant drugs, and DA's lie.....WOOHOOO!!!! I swear!!!


GC is already known for their terrible school system, drug and violence problems, teen pregnancies, etc... Wow I wonder why? This guy is a joke, a crook, and a disgrace. What goes around comes around. Anyone supporting this guy is either the same or a terrible judge of character. What an embarrasing shame for the county as a whole.


yall people are horrible. REREAD the POLICE REPORT reporters!!! you really like to magic words.

This is why are city looks like the ship couse of this poo shown. that why everyone one thinks we a crappy poo town..

seguin is falling in a pit.. [censored]


STARZPARTY- Everything you just said makes no sense. You need to put down the weed and get ahold of yourself. You are one of the people who makes the county what it is- sub par.

This is just sad and disturbing...It's not the fact that it was "Just Marijuana" it the fact that he broke the law and got caught and he represents Guadalupe county...This looks horrible and quite frankly with this town and counties history of failures, we cannot afford any more bad press...


I think it is a shame that our Justice System has such a two face system. They charge others with marijuana charges but our judge uses the same thing. I can't believe that the one that is suppose to be a leader and role model for others has slapped us all in the face. I thought he was bigger and better than that.

I reckon I understand now what inspired the 4th of July Barbecue Ban in Guadalupe County.


Well looks like the jig is up for this particular pot head. You would think this guy being ex DPS and current elected official would have enough sense not to be smoking pot in a hotel room. If this would have happened here in Seguin or in Guadalupe County you could be 100% correct that he would have walked scott free right there and then. This due to the fact that he and many of his cronies and colleagues carry the exclusive "get out of jail free" card here in this county. Now if the courts in the county that bagged him are not corrupt as the courts here are then maybe just maybe we can see a little justice served. Another black eye for Seguin and Guadalupe County. Shame on you Judge Wiggens.


These officers and this judge in this town drive around drunk and high all the time. I have seen them with my own eyes most of them hang out with wiggins prolly smoke with him too.they are above the law in guadalupe county not in college station tho.say no to drugs LOSERS its the law remember all the people you sent to jail for it.


The marijuana is not the issue. In fact, I've believed for a long time it should be legalized. The issue is that Judge Wiggins is a part of our legal system and he shows an incredible lack of respect for the law. Unfortunately, as others have pointed out, Guadalupe County has a very strong 'good ol' boy' system in place. It's well known, everyone talks about it. But no one does a darn thing but keep re-electing these people. Judge Wiggins is not the only problem Guadalupe County has. Yes, he's done some great things for our county and he's a very nice man. That does NOT change the fact that he broke the law. If he doesn't respect this law, what other laws is he going to blatantly ignore? That's not what we want in an elected official. It's about time people quit gossiping about our elected officials and how bad they are. It's time for people to get off their butts and go to the polls and vote in some changes!! This good ol' boy system is giving Seguin and Guadalupe County a bad name.


First of all Wiggins is a civil judge not a criminal judge and therefore, he does not send people to jail for marijuana use. So he is not a hypocrite, get your facts straight. He has given years of service to the community and is a good man. Oohh, but he broke the law, well our laws also give us the right to murder babies in abortions, but people go to prison for smoking marijuana. This whole thing is ridiculous, another prime example of tax dollars being wasted over an irresponsible law created by the government to further invade our privacy. Really, who cares, it is a stupid law especially when not a single person has ever died as a result of marijuana use. But alcohol is legal and think of all the tragic deaths and injuries it has caused. Just recently here in our home town, God bless the families affected. Actions speak louder than words and God's laws is higher than man's law. The Washington DC crowd spending our money on pointless laws are the real hypocrites. Clinton smokes dope and Obama snorts cocaine so give Wiggins a break.


Just another example of how elected officials say one thing and do another.
That's why you have to research who you vote for. All those who gripe about your DA you want to vote for her opponent? Look at finch spent her career tearing apart families for lots of $$$. Her live in has 3 convictions for dwi but lucky her good friend Vicky sent it to Kolb so he did not have to prison for a felony. Look it up on the county web site Clark Grein. What a train wreck.

Drugs alcohol arrests. Shameful conduct. Hey politicians we deserve better! You all need to go take a drug test!

All elected officials should be drug tested.


This guy must be a lib they belive in keeping the world stoned and stuipid so they can fill them full of bull .so they can lie and steal from easier . This guy has been making decisions that effect the whole county . Where dose his alegence lie with his pipe and drug suppliers or the people who voted for him


# Conservative - I know my facts and he used to arrest prople for the same thing as a DPS Officer. He was at a Conference on taxpayer money and he knew what he was doing. The stoner had his own grinder! Yes he has done alot for the community and that is what is dissappointing.

Half Baked

THE elected leader of the County, does the following:

Drug Court Cases for Juvenile and Adult Cases
Juvenile Board of Guadalupe County
Juvenile Detention Hearings
Criminal Bond Hearings
Veteran's Court - recovering war vets with drug problems

To sit, condescend, and pass Judgment on folks is such a hit to the county and the people of the county he will never have any authoritative respect...

This guy has got to go and now, so that we can try to clean up the damage

and if he pulls a jerry farwell, and cries, and asks for foregiveness, and says that he has let everyone down, well he should be crying and he has let everyone down.....but get the heck out of office!!!! I do not want to pay him anymore especially to recover!!!!


BBQ - Do you have any proof that he arrested anyone for pot? He sat behind a desk as a sergeant of the DPS, and even he made arrests at an earlier point in his career, he was just doing his job. I am sure there are people that repo things on a daily basis, but don't really want to do so.

Mike is a great guy. He's the first person to help you with anything he can. He's done so much for little league, other Seguin sports, youth, friends and many more people.

It's sad that smoking pot can cause this much heat for a person, and that is coming from someone that does not touch the stuff. I know a ton of people, from all walks of life, that smoke and I have no problem with it.

You're in my prayers, Mike.


What a shameful act, then admitting to it.... Well I wonder if he'll be coaching the little leagues this summer? Yep karma is definitely taken it toll on "the good ole boy system," one by one, now to get better qualified people in office for Guadalupe County. Heck, suprised nothing came out about a former Texas Ranger who was allowed to retire after he was involved in an accident in his unmarked patrol car while intoxicated while his mistress sat in the passenger seat!!!


Did they find any Nacho Cheese Doritos in the room? How about a lava lamp? Cheech and Chong albums???[beam]


Pat Robison; “Televangelist Pat Robertson . . . condemning the harsh penalties imposed on young people for marijuana possession “. "We're locking up people that take a couple of puffs of marijuana, and the next thing you know they've got 10 years," "I'm not exactly for the use of drugs – don't get me wrong – but I just believe that criminalizing marijuana, criminalizing the possession of a few ounces of pot and that kind of thing, I mean, it's just costing us a fortune and it's ruining young people."


Marijuana is illegal because it is illegal. The police say it’s illegal because it’s been illegal for 80 years. Every year we spend 250,000 police officers time to arrest and prison them because it is illegal. We spend $62. BILLION dollars a year because the police say it’s illegal because it’s illegal. We hold 1,500,000 (or more) prisoners because it is illegal. It is should be legal because board-certified internists, oncologists and psychiatrists can’t have help. And on and on. WHY IS IT ILLEGAL? WHY?
How many people have been killed from marijuana? None.
It is illegal because of money, jobs and power. Everyone from the DEA chief on down to the rookie cop depends on the Drug War to survive.
Judges, prosecutors, cops, criminal defense attorneys, prison guards, and all manner of support personnel would all be unemployed tomorrow if marijuana were legalized today.


This is why marijuana is illegal;

Harry J. Anslinger, ran a smear campaign against marijuana. During this particular time frame, the media was swarmed with propaganda regarding the effects of marijuana. Harry J. Anslinger, a dominant leader in the prohibition against drugs, devised advertisements and commercials to inform the public of the believed side effects of marijuana. Citizens who were high on marijuana were crazy, insane, suicidal, had murderous intentions, etc. according to the propaganda. Disregarding the scientific research on the subject and the falsified claims, the Marijuana Tax Act passed in 1937 quickly and with little debate and no opposition in Congress. Harry J Anslinger Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics
“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are N egroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with N egroes, entertainers, and any others.”
“…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”
“Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death.”
“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”
The "Marijuana: Assassin of Youth." July 1937, In “The American”, and abridged and reprinted in the "Reader's Digest”. WRITTEN BY, Harry J Anslinger, Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.


Tobacco kills about 390,000 people a year. Tobacco is legal.
Alcohol kills about 75,000 people. Alcohol is legal.
Aspirin kills about 2,000 people. Aspirin is legal.
Acetaminophen (Tylenol) kills 450 people. Tylenol is legal. 56,000 Americans end up in emergency rooms each year due to a Tylenol overdose.

MARIJUANA KILLS NONE. BUT, Marijuana is NOT legal. Marijuana will send you to 20 years in prison


Marijuana does cause accidents and kill people. There have been many studies. Heck even peanuts kill people so to state that Weed does not is absurd.
Jun 18 2011
Driving after smoking even a small amount of marijuana almost doubles the risk of a fatal highway accident, according to an extensive study of 10,748 drivers involved in fatal crashes between 2001 and 2003.

Yes alchohol does kill more and has a higher percentage bbut then again it is not illegal and more readily available.

I think what is upsetting here is that the Judge was on a taxpayer funded trip and used the weed in his room in a closed in hotel area. That tells me along with the equipment he had that he is more than a light user and it is affecting his judgement.

Yea I bet he has arrested people for the same offense. Bet you a dollar to a doughnut!

So all the good works he has done I guess we should just look away and not be bothered by this little incident? Maybe we should just judge everybody by goodworks? Not by what the law states?


BBQ Man;

Bar B Q can kill you. "Actually, it is red meats cooking at a high temperature (above 200 °C) that can become contaminated by substances supposedly carcinogenic and the carbonisation is the biggest culprit. Indeed, the fat that drains down from the meats catches fire and transforms proteins into heterocyclic amines (HCA) and the smoke produced liberates benzopyrenes. They are two substances that are "potentially" carcinogenic. . . . . . . .

Legalize it!


The issue at hand shouldn't be whether or not marijuana should be legalized, it is that as an elected official he was arrested while in possession of an illegal "drug." Personally, Judge Wiggins is a great guy and deserves credit for everything he has done for the county but the guy had 20 grams of weed on him, that is a lot of weed for personal use.

"ConservativeTX"- You are a moron, your argument is nothing more than trying to politicize a non issue, basically you are saying that local leaders should be able to do as they please but national leaders should be held to a different level. So Clinton and Obama did drugs, I would think it is safe to assume almost anyone that is a nationally elected official has, unless they are perfect christian like you.

"texaseagle"- if you knew anything you would know that this man is not a "lib," and for you to deviate to an idea that all liberals want to keep the world stoned, well hey, this man is conservative as they come and it just goes to show that pot smokers are on your side of the aisle as well.


He got caught. He should resign or be fired. Whether you agree or not that marijuana should be legal or not, the fact of the matter is that it IS illegal. Most of us would lose our jobs if we were smoking marijuana, as should Mr. Wiggins. Be his friend, be his supporter. I have no problem with that. Just do it while he's looking for another job. He may be a wonderful guy, but he broke the law. We can't make exceptions because of who or what he is. Just another black eye for Seguin and Guadalupe County.


I note with some interest the comments about the county judge's legal situation. First, I've been a crime reporter for more than 20 years, and am not involved at all in this story. I no longer work for the Seguin Gazette, although I do freelance stories for them sometimes. Twenty grams of marijuana is NOT a lot of marijuana for personal use. That's why the law is set up to consider the possession of less than two ounces -- 56 grams -- a class B misdemeanor.


Right on Truth123, BBQman. The law is the law. We can't be selective about which ones we follow or who we should allow to break. Until the law is changed it is ileagal to be in possesion of the drug. Bet he got his from someone before him in court. By the way Zwicke was real close to him . How did he not know? Drug dogs never got a wiff of him? I'm tired of the two sets of rules (laws) for every one too.


septic22 makes the case as to why marijuana laws are in effect.[wink]


THE elected leader of the County, does the following:

Drug Court Cases for Juvenile and Adult Cases
Juvenile Board of Guadalupe County
Juvenile Detention Hearings
Criminal Bond Hearings
Veteran's Court - recovering war vets with drug problems

Now this could open a can of worms. Any sentences he gave out could be nullified and brought back for re-trial?


Judge Wiggins manned up for his err in judgement, "there's nothing I can deny, it is what it is"...what he did was give every slimeball the opportunity to take a jab at our legal system. I'm just as disappointed as are many of my fellow citizens. The degenerates who have never made an effort to be productive members of society, for the most part, are the ones who are bashing all Law Enforcement...they sit behind a big screen TV and live off of their girlfriends or wives and anxiously await foodstamp day. Get off your butts, get a job, and make a contribution to help pay for your food. After you do that, make your grievences known for all to see. Drug use has no boundries or political sidelines. Conservative or liberal, users don't take sides...I believe very strongly in our system of justice, Judge Wiggins thus far has not been given special treatment by Law Enforcement. Without a doubt, he will suffer consequences far beyond what the general public will see or realize....


@Ron Maloney, I wasn't implying that he is a dealer, or needed a more harsh penalty or whatever, but yes, 20 grams is a good amount of marijuana if it was for personal use. Considering how social he was, and working the hours that he had, that is probably enough to last him 3-4 weeks. Maybe not from a legal stand point it is not a lot, but 20 grams is a decent amount of marijuana.


I'm furious! Was he in a "no smoking" room? I hate when I get a hotel room and it smells like the previous guest was smoking. Why didn't he go outside? Aggieland has alot of high school Jr's and Sr's coming to visit the campus. They stay at the Hilton. Why do they have to smell his stinky pot smoke. You can't get the smell out of the room. I guess he wasn't thinking too clearly. Next time you can't sleep, take a sleeping pill.



Since I moved here, which I am thinking was a mistake - too much corruption and misconduct by leaders - I have noticed that there appears to be a group of people that try to run this community for their own profit.

For example, no one has ever mentioned that Judge Wiggins' Treasurer is and was the president of the construction company that was "AWARDED" the contract to redo the new court house FOR $$$$millions and $$$millions of dollars. -- suprise suprise ---

So in additon to being a bad role model for our kids, our county, our citizens, it appears he is also doing insider deals in smoke filled rooms.

The character of a person can be seen in the small and the large....I really want to move.
Please resign and stop the insanity.


For the 10th time, Judge Wiggins is not a criminal judge. He does not preside over others that have pot charges.

@ResponsibleGoverment: Please try to live up to your name. The story about the judge and his connection with the company has been covered EXTENSIVELY and he has abstained from discussions or votes on any of those matters BECAUSE of that.

Example? http://seguingazette.com/news/article_aa63f85b-f6d3-5b5b-8e5c-6a60b6cdb04a.html


Where there is smoke there is fire.


Drug test them all...


It Is what It IS.....


I know the man, and I still like him... But, he has violated his oath of office and more importantly, he has violated the trust of the people who elected him. Yes, he does hold courts for some drugs offences. Not sure which ones, but he does hear some cases on drug abuse. That in itself should be the message he sees and hears. It is time for him to step down.

I live in this county and know all about the "Good ol' Boy" system that runs the county. From just about every one of the elected officials in law enforcement and beyond. Those of you who are not aware, this county used to have the resurection of Judge Roy Bean in office. Luckily he has been replaced...


Well, well, well .... looks like Guadalupe County elected officials aren't as invincible as they think, at least not outside of Guadalupe County. I wonder if the "good ole boy" system is going to be able to get him out of this one??? I also wonder if his cronies knew about his illegal recreational escapades. For crying out loud Wiggins had his own grider which leads me to believe this was not a one time thing. Hmmmm... professional stoner???? The obvious conclusion YES !!! Remember, folks perception is 9/10ths of the law.

I am glad that this event is shedding some light on the type of people that are being elected by the citizens of Guadalulpe County, maybe you all should do your reseach on people before you put them into office giving them the authourity to sit on boards making decisions such as the boards Wiggins sat on (Drug Court Cases for Juvenile and Adult Cases, Juvenile Board of Guadalupe County, Juvenile Detention Hearings, Criminal Bond Hearings, Veteran's Court - recovering war vets with drug problems).

Guadalupe County elected officials should really realize the dangers they put themselves in and others in by their irresponsible actions (drugs, drinking and driving, allowing when their kids break the law for it to be covered up or calling in favors for lesser punishments, etc.)

Citizens of Guadalupe County: You should reseach who you elect, You should hold them responsible for their positions and for ALL of their actions.

Elected Officials: YOU all are elected officials, YOU are NOT above the law, YOU should be role models for the leaders of tommorrow, YOU should take your oath of office seriously, YOU should be responsible for your actions.


I know it's hard for many to believe, but the truth is, there are hundreds of thousands of hard-working, honest, dedicated, responsible men and women in all kinds of important professions and jobs throughout the U.S. who use marijuana in the privacy of their own homes (and hotel rooms) EVERY DAY -- who worked hard to get through grade school with exemplary grades, went to college, who are doctors, lawyers, business owners, bankers, accountants, CEOs, etc. Yes, there are many people who abuse drugs, including marijuana, who want to do nothing other than to get high -- those people are either psychologically messed up or just plain lazy losers. But we all know someone who is a lazy drain on society who isn't a pot smoker. We are spending $$ Millions to enforce laws and incarcerate pot users, even though they present no threat to our society. Spend .0001% of all of those $$ Millions on drug education -- particularly regarding the risks to developing young minds -- and quit making criminals out of good people.


I read on another comment that Wiggens and Zwike are close and the sheriff would not have known. Of course he knew. The order of the day here is "cover up". This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Oh and the issue about the contractor who was awarded the new county courthouse project. Well that is a no brainer. Of course that was with insider information. Lots of crooked and unethical activity going on in this county. But probably will continue because the watchdogs being law enforcement are part of the problem as well.




@terro8 - I have to agree with your last comment. I also say drug test all the elected officials. Citizens of Guadalupe County start a petition and get them all drug tested on a random basis. Most jobs now require drug testing why not drug test the people who have such authority as that of an elected official. Drug testing them sure would weed out a lot of them.


Drug test for pot ONLY if you can confirm the person is high at that time. What good does it do to just show that person used it the night before, when it DOESN'T EFFECT JOB PERFROMANCE THE NEXT DAY, unlike an alcoholic who is so hung over the following day, he/she cannot perform?

Just like during Prohibition -- when millions of otherwise law-abiding Americans were "forced" to become law breakers because of a stupid, moralistically-based, control-others law -- millions of Americans routinely smoke pot. We should de-criminalized marijuana. Tax it and use the money for our schools and to keep out of kids' hands -- unlike now, where kids have ready access.


Why not just use homes. Take a block at a time. Then search the house and strip search the people. Everything inside. If the police find anything take them prison!

They really did that in many Black in the South. As late 1970s in Florida. The police in Florida said they had a very very bad problem with drugs. (of course) So they took over two or three houses with EVERYONE inside. Many of them were sent to jail.

They were also low income and Black.
“July 1999 that rounded up 46 people, 40 of whom were African Americans. The remaining detainees were white people known to have ties within the black community, and in fact lived in the "Black" part of town. Nearly one-third of Tulia's Black males were arrested, about 15% of the town's Black population. During the roundup, no large sums of money, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, or illegal weapons were found. The accused drug dealers showed no signs of having any income associated with selling drugs. . John Cornyn, the state attorney general, awarded "Lawman of the Year" to Coleman (the police officer). Freed most of the "Tulia 46" and a $6,000,000 collective settlement was reached to avoid further litigation in civil court. Local authorities remain defiant. . . . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulia,_Texas


Simple fact of the matter at hand is a law was broken and should be handled according the what the statutes mandate and because a law was broke out of respect for the oath Wiggins took to up hold he should no longer be in office, whether he resign (honorable thing to do), be forced out, or not re-elected for another term. A law is a law and if we allow one individual to break it based on their status in society then that is wrong. @AustinReader if that were one of your family members there would be no blog or discussion board about it, they would be prosecuted to the extent of the law (unless you have some "invincible break the law card").

Once marijuana is legalized then no problem, smoke a way.


``The drug exception to the Fourth Amendment.''
The marijuana laws allow the penalty of forfeiture of one's home and property and invasions into the attorney - client relationship. The criteria for securing a search warrant have been relaxed. In drug cases, the Supreme Court has permitted the issuance of search warrants based on anonymous tips and tips from informants known to be corrupt and unreliable; permitted warrantless searches of fields, barns, and private property near a residence; and upheld evidence obtained under defective search warrants if the officers executing the warrant acted in ``good faith.'' Taken together, these holdings have been characterized as ``the drug exception to the Fourth Amendment.''
Finally, the fundamental flaw, which will ultimately destroy this prohibition as it did the last one, is that criminal sanctions cannot, and should not attempt to, prohibit personal conduct which does no harm to others. Personal liberty surely must extend to what, when, and how much a citizen can ingest.
Judge Robert W. Sweet, a District Judge, as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and the Deputy Mayor of New York City under John Lindsay (Republican)


Chencho26: Laws are created to further our goals as a society. The current laws criminalizing marijuana, in which those in simple possession are jailed, clogging our criminal justice system and costing us taxpayers $$ Millions, do not further any societal goals. Those kinds of laws -- that a majority of Americans have finally realized are ludicrous -- only serve to undermine our criminal justice system and make otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals.

And I presume that you realize that Texas law allows the police to merely issue a citation to a person who possesses less than 2 oz. of pot.

If it wasn't for the hysteria and misinformation that was created out of whole cloth about marijuana, our country would be able to have the rational discussion about marijuana and our drug laws that would benefit us all.

David Lee

"It is illegal because of money, jobs and power. Everyone from the DEA chief on down to the rookie cop depends on the Drug War to survive.

Judges, prosecutors, cops, criminal defense attorneys, prison guards, and all manner of support personnel would all be unemployed tomorrow if marijuana were legalized today."


I'm glad someone has their eyes open.


County Judge Mike Wiggins violated his oath of office, broke the law, and lost the trust of the people. If he has any respect for himself, or for the office he holds, he would resign immediately. Everyday he remains in office is a mockery of government and his so-called title "The Honorable Mike Wiggins."

Ron Avery

I only read the first 28 of these comments last night but, I don’t know which makes Seguin look the worst, County Judge, Mike Wiggins, or the comments being made about his arrest for possession of marijuana! Many have said that Mike Wiggins is a judge that hears cases concerning pot smoking and others have said he is not a criminal judge but a civil judge. Neither is true! Mike Wiggins is the Guadalupe County Judge who presides over the County Commissioners’ Court which is not a court of law of any kind. The County Commissioners’ Court runs the business of the County, like road and bridge construction and maintenance, the funding of the County Jail and Sheriff’s office and the County Courts of Law and any other functions of Guadalupe County.

The question that Wiggins’ arrest brings up has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana or its actual affects on people. The arrest of Mike Wiggins and his admission of guilt at a Convention held for County Commissioners of Texas to learn more about their duties and how to perform them better shows brazen recklessness about his job as Guadalupe County Judge. This is a sign that he is too comfortable with his job as Guadalupe County Judge. Also, and more importantly, if Judge Wiggins is that reckless at a convention of County Commissioners from all over Texas, how reckless is he with Guadalupe County business on a daily basis?

It’s one thing to be smoking pot at your home while not on the clock but it’s another thing to be smoking pot at a convention to learn more about your job when Guadalupe County paid your way to attend it and represent Guadalupe County among the Commissions and Judges of other Texas counties.

Whether you like Mike Wiggins as a person is no longer relevant. It is now a matter of what to do with evidence that he made a very poor judgment and showed himself to be way too comfortable and thinking that he is immune to punishment for his indiscretions. The only thing the people of Guadalupe County can do is call for him to step down as County Judge. If not, the people themselves become reckless and encourage other public servants to be just as reckless with their duties to the citizens.

Further, the Guadalupe County Commissioners’ Court should ask for the resignation of County Judge, Mike Wiggins, to insulate all on the Court from the same accusation that all the Commissioners are just as reckless and feel just as immune to punishment for their indiscretions. To allow Wiggins to finish his term is to say there is no punishment in Guadalupe County for poor judgment and recklessness with the business of the citizens of Guadalupe County. Those who support him staying in office at this time support the creation and maintenance of a culture of corruption in Guadalupe County government.


Since somebody threw the sheriff into the mix I thought I would add to it. Just recently I had a deputy tell me that this was the free world. This man was obviously new to Texas, definitely new to this county. Again, the system is broke and will stay broke until somebody starts doing the right thing. I was up in Bandera here recently and was listening to a man complaining about what the police get away with. If a private citizen does something wrong, well he goes to jail. If a police officer does something wrong, well, he just needs more training. The whole thing is broke and has been broke for a long time. Let’s take a very positive idea on this and fix it properly and just put a Band-Aid on it instead of doing a proper repair job. Now that is the correct way of doing things, the government way; just throw money at it and it will be taken care of…

We moved into Guadalupe County since the taxes were lower. I found out why, you do not get very much for your tax dollar in this county.

Also, if I am correct on this, why can’t Judge Wiggins get his share of all of the other perks that elected officials get? So let’s be fair and help him out…


Amen Mr Ron Avery. If Commissioners' as a whole does not request Judge Wiggins resignation, then the voters should remove them all. But I still will state that if Judge Wiggins is any kind of a man he will not force that on the court and he will resign and do that prior to the next meeting.


If any of you don't like it around here, you can leave.

Ron Avery

That's funny RangerIPA!!!
I think we just heard from the culture of corruption! If you don't like living in corruption...pack up and get out because you have no rights to request correction of corruption in Seguin or Guadalupe County. Would that not also apply to the next corrupt town or county we moved to? This is how corruption gets confortable and up in your face.


Folks where do we draw the line for inapproprite conduct, personally, professionally, or from our Elected Officials...... really?...... Peggy H, he can still be your friend............he can be forgiven...... but he can't continue to be The Elected Leader to represent the County at a State Conference or for anything eles.

Just because other Elected People do stuff does not make it right.... I would like to know who you are talking about so that I know who to NOT vote for next time.

His decision brought about the consequeces..... He clearly has been an active user with all the equipment needed to continue the use ......

It shows more than a casual mistake.

You are correct he did not try to hide the issue, smoke was coming out from under the door and no one else was in the room.

I am sure he is a nice guy, but he is no longer a Leader of the Community, He is no longer a Role Model for Children.... He is no longer a respected Retired Law Enforcement Officer..... He CAN be you friend and you can have him over to dinner... he just cant represent me or the County anymore.

If he does continue serve and refuses to resign we really are no different than our neighbor to the south.... where acceptance of petty crimes by their leaders starts at a small level... people loose respect for the Leaders in power, and then that grows into what they have now just a plain disaster.


I wonder if a County employee who was not an elected official was sent to training out of town. The County paid for everything. When he got to his hotel he was arrested for the same crime our wonderful Judge was arrested for. He then failed to call anyone about the arrest. He went on to class and had a grand ole time at school. When he returned I am sure everyone, taxpayers and County supervisors would say it was nothing just a little marijuana. Hey he stayed and got his training. No one would want him fired. Bull. The Judge and everyone of the judge's supporters would want him fired. They would all state he did not deserve to represent Guadalupe Co. So why does Mike Wiggins deserve to represent our county now. How many County official accross the state who were also at this training now believe Guadalupe County is a Joke. We will all know it is a Joke Tuesday if Wiggins does not resign, or our other County Commissioners' stand by him and fail to request his resignation.


How the State of Texas will look upon the Honorable Judge Mike Wiggins, his Maker will of course have a different standard:

1. Canon 2A of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct states: “A judge shall comply with the
law and should act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the
integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.”

2. Article V, §1-a(6)A of the Texas Constitution states that a judge may be disciplined or
removed from office for willful conduct that casts public discredit upon the judiciary or administration of justice.

3. Section 33.001(b)(2) of the Texas Government Code states that for purposes of Article V, §1-
a(6)A of the Texas Constitution, “willful or persistent conduct that is clearly inconsistent with
the proper performance of a judge's duties” includes: “willful violation of a provision of the
Texas penal statutes or the Code of Judicial Conduct.”

The facts show that Judge Wiggins failed to comply with the law and failed to act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity of the judiciary by engaging in possessing an illegal substance.

The Honorable Judge Wiggins, a public official, is charged with upholding the honor and decorum of the judiciary, and knew or should have known that his actions would cast public discredit upon the integrity of the judiciary. I believe that Judge Wiggins’s actions constituted a willful violation of Canon 2A of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct and Article V, §1-a(6)A of the Texas Constitution.


He is what he is, a pot head [thumbdown]


Savetheusa is right. If we allow elected officials to stay in office after getting arrested for pot, how can we fire any county employee for doing same? Do we really want to become the county where elected officials and employees can smoke dope and still keep their jobs. No matter what Wiggins says behind closed doors on Tuesday, if he does not resign immediately then every county commissioner should publicly call for his resignation. Failure to do so means our county commissioners support and condone Wiggins' action.

Vincent Williams

I believe the Gazette is playing a game of semantics. Yes, you had a reporter who was reporting on the abuses by the Sheriff's narcotics squad, Zwicke complained that the reporter smelled of pot. When asked to take a test, he refused and he quit before being fired as the Gazette has a policy that if you refuse a drug test that is tantamount to guilt and you will be fired.


I hope to see all of you Tuesday morning. Guess where, The Justice Center, of all places...


Wiggins best described his charges and guilt. He stated in the news, "It is what it is." He got caught and pointed out to the apprehending LEO where the Marijuana was - in his duffel bag.. Now it is a matter of criminal law albeit just a Class B Misdemeanor. Its sad that Wiggins was a State Trooper long enough to retire (retired as sargeant) and may have been using Marijuana at the same time he busted others for the same crime. Wiggins should do the manly thing and resign. He knows what he did was not inline with the Guadalupe County and Texas rules for state officials. But I'll bet he plays this to his advantage as long as he can get away with it. As citizens, our job is to make sure we don't reelect public officials who have little or no respect for the same laws they hold citizen constituents responsible for.


My final comment about this article is that quite a few of the posts read like I am at a Ron Paul Convention. This article is not about legalization of Marijuana. It's about a Retired Texas State Trooper and County Judge that got caught smoking illegal Marijuana and was charged with a Class B Misdemeanor. Period.


Amen, Afficienado. And if Wiggins does not resign, then no county employee should ever be fired for committing the same criminal offense (possession of marijuana less than 2 oz.) as long as Wiggins remains county judge. And I would like to know what other Class B misdemeanor crimes can county elected officials do and stay in office? Such is the precendent that county commissioners will establish if they accept Wiggins action and don't publicly call for his resignation.


I grew up in Guadalupe County and have known Mike for years!!! He is a wonderful man who would do anything for you!!! So what!! He got caught with a little pot!? That's it?!? Come on.......there's a very small percentage of people these days who DON'T smoke pot!! (I personally don't because it puts me to sleep) Why should he loose his job or resign over it?????? That's just stupid! You know how many of your parents were probably high when you were conceived!? Ha! There's way worse things out there to worry and gossip about than this!! He had a small amount for personal use, not like he was trying to sell it!!!!!!!! How many people have overdosed of marijuana....NONE!!!!!! Totally stupid.....why don't you all go find something else more important to gossip about!!!!

To the entire Wiggins family, you all are GREAT!! Mike, you rasied some wonderful boys and I am glad to know all of you!! You are wonderful! Hold your head up.....I'm prayin for you guys!!!


And to add more to Seguin's scumbag reputation...WOAI had a story last night calling Seguin
"The heroin Capital of Texas"


AllMe, how sad you seek to justify Judge Wiggins criminal behavior through feeble rationalizations. If a judge can not be expected to uphold the law, get himself arrested for a Class B misdemeanor crime and remain in office, then what's the point of enforcing any laws? You can stand by your hypocritical judge. Guadalupe County deserves better.


AllMe, my problem with the whole situation is that he felt he was invincible. With the line of work he used to be in he should know how easy it is to smell pot smoke, especially in something like an enclosed hotel building. I used to work for an events center that could hold 18,000 people, and you could smell it as soon as one of those 18,000 lit one up. He seemed to not care. I don't know why, but I suspect it can be attributed to hubris.


Allme, if you're ok with his behavior then you are one of the reason the USA "is where it is". It is still against the law...he needs to go..he can remain your friend, but I don't want him setting his bad habits in my community. I've never meet him and hope i never do. It is what it is....


Great. Now we have sixth-graders in Seguin following our pot head county judge's bad example. The fact that only one county elected official (Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 Todd Friesenhahn) had the guts to call for Wiggins to "step down" sends the message that every other elected official is OK with Wiggins getting busted with pot. Adults may not be paying attention, but our kids are getting the message loud and clear - marijuana is no big deal.


Allme, you really don't know this family like you think you do..."just saying"!!


I know one of the kids who was busted with pot...and although I do not condone the Judges actions, the kid is following in his Daddy's footsteps and is going in the direction of the family business. If you wanna see good or bad just look at the parent!


Once again the main question remains....
Who was he getting it from and at what cost for their silence?


Judge Wiggins must be very competent. I am presuming that, since he has been re-elected. I don't vote twice for anyone who isn't. I have not lived in Seguin for nearly 50 years but try to keep up with what is going on there. This is the first time I care to comment on a piece of news in the Gazette and unfortunately it has be an opinion. A few members of my family have done years and years of time in prison, maybe even in for profit prisons, in my blue dog gerrymandered for republicans home state. I do not know their entire stories because I could not attend their trials but would have agreed with the original sentence in one case, from what I have been told. After being happy to hear that parole was granted, re-incarceration has been merely for job security for parole and police officers and others who work there. Because they are nieces and nephews, fathers and mothers of children who have had to grow up without a loving, willing to work for a living parent, I cannot be objective. Whether or not you had anything to do with any of these travesties, do the smart thing, Mr. Wiggins. You are accused of possessing an illegal substance and should consider resigning.

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