Interstate 10

Before the Texas Department of Transportation can begin construction on a large portion of Interstate 10, they want to hear from the community first.

TxDOT is hosting a public meeting for its Interstate 10 improvement project at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 31 at the Seguin Events Complex — Coliseum.

During the meeting, residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the project or any suggestions they may have.

“The public involvement for TxDOT is crucial. We’re always interested in seeking what the public feels about what we’re doing and to get their feedback,” TxDOT public information office Hernan Rozemberg said. “No project is ever determined to be in its final stage until we’ve gotten public input because these are the folks that are going to be driving on these highways.”

The proposed 27-mile project is expected to include improvements on I-10 between far east San Antonio at 1604 to State Highway 130 east of Seguin, he said.

“The project would add one main lane in each direction on I-10 between the limits, bringing the total number of main lanes from two to three in each direction,” he said. “The project would also convert the existing two-way frontage roads to one way. This is something we’re also doing on I-10 on the northwest side of San Antonio up to Boerne.”

Several overpasses and underpasses will also be upgraded and reconstructed to improve bridge clearances and traffic operations on the interstate, Rozemberg said.

“The project would change numerous entrance and exit ramps within the project limits. The current certain number of exit ramps will be changed in order to accommodate the all frontage to one way,” he said.

TxDOT also plans to add bicycle and pedestrian accommodations at identified intersections, Rozemberg said.

The need for upgrades on the I-10 and the increases of traffic in the future play a factor in the project, he said.

“Traffic along I-10 is projected to increase approximately 40 percent by 2040. The pavement is deteriorating because of heavy traffic and the existing interchange signs limit mobility and doesn’t meet current design standards,” Rozemberg said.

Before the hearing at 6 p.m. on Thursday there will also be an open house at 5 p.m. where residents will have the opportunity to see any maps and schematics, he said.

“It’s very important for us to encourage folks to come out and hear the details of the project if they haven’t heard it before and give us your take — good, bad, the ugly or whatever they feel about it,” Rozemberg said.

For those who can’t attend the meeting, they can submit their comments to TxDOT’s consultant Michael Baker International at erin.graham@mbakerintl.com by Feb. 15.

Valerie Bustamante is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at valerie.bustamante@seguingazette.com.

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