Seguin’s IT Department received top honors for helping establish the city’s public safety software.

The department was one of three organizations to receive an Excellence Award from the Texas Association of Information Technology Managers for its implementation of the Public Safety Spillman Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform.

“We only give out three awards a year. (Seguin Director of IT) Shane (McDaniel) and the IT department were awarded one of those awards and it is for the Spillman implementation,” TAGITM board member Tony Gonzales said during a June 4 city council meeting. “Folks have to submit on their behalf for projects they have fully implemented, not plans they want to do. They have to submit it and it gets reviewed by a panel including the vice president of the board and the past president.”

The Spillman program offers law enforcement agencies such as police departments, sheriff’s offices, fire departments and dispatch centers access to real-time data from records management to crime analysis.

With everything that comes with enabling the program, Gonzales said TAGITM felt Seguin’s IT Department was worthy of the award.

“As Shane’s submittal said you guys are in a big growing period right now,” Gonzales said. “You’ve got a lot of houses coming in, a lot of new growth and you can’t wait for the extra revenue that creates in order to modernize and upgrade your police and fire platform. This was a huge project and they didn’t just do the basics.”

Seguin was one of the first Texas agencies to connect to the Spillman InSight regional hub in Pflugerville for real-time public safety data sharing capabilities.

“As you all know criminals travel around so your police officers here may stop somebody here — well if that person has no criminal history here, but maybe they’ve been a suspect here or done some things in Pflugerville, New Braunfels or Selma,” Gonzales said. “Your officers in the field can run that driver’s license and get a lot more information from the local police departments in the greater area.”

McDaniel said they were grateful for the Excellence Award, but the Spillman initiative goes beyond the IT Department.

The Seguin Police Department recognized one of its own for helping to bridge the transition from old program to the new technology.

“Lauren Edwards, the telecommunications supervisor, was recognized as the Civilian Employee of the Quarter because she was an integral part of our new Spillman software implementation and for the smooth transition from Crimes to Spillman (records management and CAD systems),” according to the department’s Facebook post at the end of May. “Lauren spent countless hours teaching multiple training sessions to provide employees with basic knowledge of the new software.”


Valerie Bustamante is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at . Felicia Frazar contributed to this story.

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