Community members came together, broke bread, danced and had fun Wednesday evening at the Seguin Youth Services building.

They did it at the first Friends Giving event hosted by local record label Distinguished Records to promote neighborly love and friendship while feeding the community members in need.

“I think it’s great that they’re helping the community and everyone less fortunate who is not able to have a Thanksgiving dinner,” area resident Erin Williams said.

The event was perfect timing for Thanksgiving festivities, Williams said

“I heard about this through a friend of mine, and I have a lot of family here in town, so it’s been great,” she said. “I heard about it last minute, but I was like, ‘Hey, shoot free food, I’m there.”

Although Williams applauded the food offered at the event, she said she still planned to celebrate on Thanksgiving day.

“I really liked the desserts that they have, but I still have room for tomorrow; I always have room,” she said Wednesday.

Several volunteers danced to the tunes played by local disc jockey DJ Twista as they cooked food and served dinner.

“We are serving turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, green beans, gravy, and some desserts,” volunteer Aston Jackson said. “Most of the people have gotten their food to go, and a few have come in and sat down. I think this has been awesome because there are so many people that have come in.”

Meranda Rodriguez said Friends Giving is the perfect way to bring the community together.

“I think this is a great event,” Rodriguez said. “Especially for those in the community who maybe don’t have family here because it’s kind of a gathering where we can all get to know each other from within the small community that we do have. It’s almost like a block party, which is great, and I think we need more unity here in our community.”

Friends Giving is all about bringing the people together, and with dozens of plates distributed, Distinguished Records co-owner Terrance Woods said hopefully more folks will come out to join the festivities next year.

“We’ve served nearly 100 plates, so it’s been a beautiful night,” Woods said. “I wish we had a few more families come in to eat, but as long as you’re helping somebody in need, that’s what matters most. I wish more people would do something like this for the community. It’s important to help our neighbors, help our friends, our people, our families, and come together, especially at times like this. I hope that next year more people will come out and support the community and be together and work together and help thy neighbor, that’s the main thing.”

Joe Martin is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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