Of the potentially overwhelming fears that accompany an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, perhaps the largest is the fear of the unknown. So much remains undiscovered about Alzheimer’s. The disease is universally challenging while incredibly subjective, with rates of progression and symptoms varying from person to person. The truth is, there is no catch-all that can be prescribed to beat Alzheimer’s at this time. There have been, however, significant advances in the care and treatment of the disease that provide a glimpse into a future where it is more manageable.

In the past, a major risk for individual’s suffering from memory loss was the risk of wandering away or getting lost. Fortunately, recent inventions have mitigated this risk. Wander alert bracelets have been introduced to conveniently keep a person with Alzheimer’s connected with their medical information at all times. Should this person wander off, their identity and secured medical profile can be accessed.. With this information, the wanderer has a much easier time getting home.

Kathleen Kinlin is a team member at Eden Hill Communities in New Braunfels.

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