Last week, history was made nearly every day. I hope everyone reading made money off the largest short squeeze in the existence of the stock market with GameStop and AMC stock skyrocketing, and possibly on Monday even more wealth was transferred from Hedgefunds to middle class Americans, despite the interference from Robinhood and Apex. As a Texan, however, I’m even more excited about the release of HB 1359 by State Representative Kyle Biedermann.

This bill would put to a vote in the general election for 2021 the question of “should the legislature of the state of Texas submit a plan for leaving the United States of America and establishing an independent republic?” Also more popularly called TEXIT.

Ross Leone III is a former Guadalupe County Libertarian Party chair and currently works as a mechanic on nuclear power plants.  

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How about, instead of TEXIT, the Texas Legislature pass a Bill containing proposed Amendments to the US Constitution, something to surely strike fear in the corrupt Washington establishment and garner change much better than a resolution to do something we cannot.

Utilizing Article V of the US Constitution, the State of Texas can and should generate a proposed Amendment to address the critical issues facing us in Washington. Taking that to the next step, they should forward an application to Congress to call a convention of states to consider and adopt the Amendment.

There are a number of states that would immediately join this effort and a number of others which would come on board as their populations are evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, with those noted as Libertarian joining the group for sure.

Amendment is where the best results can be had - let's push for it!

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