The Republican-controlled legislature in Georgia passed new voter suppression measures aimed at minority voters a few weeks ago under to the guise of protecting against voter fraud. If that’s really what it was about, they wouldn’t have included measures such as criminalizing handing out bottles of water to people standing in long lines to vote. The Texas legislature said “hold my beer” and is poised to pass the onerous Senate Bill 7, which includes a provision to make it harder for the disabled to vote by mail by requiring that they provide a note from their doctor declaring them disabled, and therefore worthy of a mail in ballot. That was until a last minute amendment to strike that language sponsored by Senator Judith Zaffirini (D) was passed. None of the other amendments to remove restrictions or clarify language were accepted in the bill to pass the Senate on a party line vote.

While Republicans claim the bill is fair and applies equally to everyone, in reality several provisions in SB 7 focus on increased voting regulations in only urban areas. There are restrictions specifically targeting Harris County, where Democrats have won nearly all seats in local and state offices recently. The legislation also sets specific rules for the distribution of polling places in only the handful of counties with a population of at least 1 million, most of which are either under Democratic control or won by Democrats in recent national and statewide elections.

JC Dufresne is a liberal activist and current member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, representing Senate District 25.

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Voter suppression.....

Mr. Dufresne, sir, I would like you or any of the Democrats to please trot out ONE individual who experienced ‘voter suppression‘ during the last election. I’d like you folks to show me one example of someone unable to walk into a polling location and be unable to vote.

Your constant screeching of “Racism!” at every point in a conversation without one shred of proof or clear example is a pathetic attempt to overthrow the system. You and the culture of WAP, like the squeaky wheel needing grease are only tearing the country apart to pursue a path of destruction.

I remember when one of my kids came home to tell me that he’d made a 54 on a test, but not to worry, he was able to take it again so he could get a 70. The Liberals of today are driving us to what we refer to as they lowest common denominator’, a point where self respect and responsibility are taken and the state substituted.

You’re part of the open borders, 16-year olds should vote, $50,000 college debt forgiveness party Sir, and your vision is killing this country.

You need to stop and think before you put pen to paper next week. I’d like to see you address the three items you have the courage to do so? Or are you to tell me that I’m a racist for asking.

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