A growing number of members of the two major parties are starting to realize that their representatives do not serve the voters, but instead a number of special interests. As politics becomes more of a way to get rich rather than serve the public, I would like to suggest that the Libertarian Party is a better home for true conservatives than the Republican Party.

The national debt is something that I hope we can all agree is bad. The money spent in interest on this debt is now greater than defense spending. So basically, the majority of taxes that are taken out of your paycheck are squandered on interest because Congress could not stay within a proposed budget. That credit card minimum payment is getting larger and larger, but the kids keep buying things they cannot afford. Best part is, Big Papa Taxpayer is stuck with the bill.

Speaking of defense spending, what part of national DEFENSE is confusing? Wars of aggression are both immoral and costly. Invading foreign lands violates the sovereignty of that nation. It creates justified hostility when innocent civilians are killed by being caught in the crossfire of this invasion. This hostility eventually boils over into action in the form of more young people joining the organization that is fighting the invader. Why is it even surprising that the “War on Terror” ends up being a self-perpetuating proposition?

I remember not long ago there was a faction of the Republican Party called the Tea Party. TEA stood for Taxed Enough Already. I wonder where that group went? Did taxes go down an adequate amount where they called off the movement? I haven’t noticed a break in my tax burden, I assure you. I certainly hope that any of you who supported the Tea Party will take a look at the Libertarian Party platform with regards to taxes. The two major parties may want funding for different things, but I assure you they want you to pay for those things.

One objection many conservatives have with the Libertarian Party is in regards to abortion. Many of them would like to see abortion made illegal again. I too abhor the thought of abortion. It certainly seems there are better solutions to unwanted pregnancy. However, I don’t think that forcing a woman who may not be ready or capable of raising that child to do so is the right answer. A doctor who is willing to perform the procedure and a woman who is desperate will always find one another. Whether it be in a seedy back alley or in a state of the art facility, it has happened and always will. It does not imply approval to allow people to make choices we personally don’t agree with. It certainly shouldn’t be punished with the possibility of death. If we truly want to help end the practice, making adoption and foster care easier, cheaper, and more accessible should be our goal. Prohibition, whether of substances or procedures, never works.

Overall, Libertarians trust you enough to make the right decisions for yourself. Heavy-handed governments using the fruits of your labor to limit your choices are the opposite of freedom. Rule of law must exist, but the individual must be allowed to make decisions regarding their own life, so long as it does not harm another. Freedom is why this nation was founded, and it is about time we get back to practicing it.

Darren Pollok is the Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Guadalupe County.

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