The last time this nation was “this divided” it took a Civil War, and even that, has only prolonged the battle. With the technology and weapons we have today, it would seem impossible that we could survive another “physical battle.”

Slavery of our citizens and who controls them, is still the “existing problem!” Then, it was slavery of the black man and today it is the slavery of “all citizens,” but the real battle is over, who controls the citizens!

Republicans and Socialist Democrats are two sides of the same coin. Both are “ego freaks” seeking to gain control of every aspect of peoples lives.

The “Republicans quest for power” is confined to only this nation and by building border walls. They’re only interested in the American citizens.

The “Socialist & Democrats Quest for power” is all inclusive for world domination! Make everyone an American citizen by promising them free everything! Just become a citizen and submit to our rule! They’ll promise anything to gain control of you by  un-limited lies!

So what will these new citizens get? The same as all other citizens! Brainwashed and controlled by sugar addiction! Made to focus only on “sports and entertainment,” being overweight with rotten teeth, cancer, heart and artery, liver, kidney and pancreas, brain and memory problems and all the other problems that sugar addiction brings. A nation of “soft” addicts! A never ending circle of human pain, suffering and destruction.

The “War on Drugs” has failed because it was never intended to succeed!” Drugs were meant to make money by destroying the health of all citizens! The most common opioid is “refined sugar,” and it is not controlled. It has been “injected” into almost ever food source the American consumer can buy! Our government, with the help of the big business, has contaminate almost all of our food supplies. We have become a “nation of sugar addicts!” Like all drugs, refined sugar contains no vitamins or minerals and is a highly addictive opioid! Nothing but calories to make us “fat and sick and craving more.” It overloads our livers which can only process about 40 grams in a 24 hour period and the rest spills “down-stream,” to destroy the rest of our organs as it goes. Cancer is its main product. A cure for cancer will never be found because it is already known! It is a man-made disease of sugar to create jobs for an ever expanding “human torture machine” of doctors, pharmaceuticals, hospital, labs, researchers, health care facilities, nursing homes and rehabs to keep all citizens “occupied and under control.”

Once addicted, you are possibly hooked forever! You can try to be free but any unguarded moment and, you’re hooked again! The battle will be for the rest of your life! The health you gain from all your effort, as well as the pain, suffering and misery you bypass, will be worth it.

But, that’s not what your government wants from you!  An “informed mind” is not an “ignorant or controlled mind.”

Marshall Harris is a Seguin resident.

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