I was talking to a friend the other day about change. She was in a situation which had gotten fairly challenging and she had asked the universe for something to change. And since she clearly has a direct line to some pretty powerful folks, Change, with a capital C, arrived in a ginormous way.

Change comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and you never truly understand how it’s going to play out. You imagine all kinds of scenarios, but what comes to pass is always wildly different from what you imagined.

Sometimes Change is a big water buffalo that comes in and rolls around your yard, tearing up the plants and stomping all over the deck, leaving big water buffalo-sized holes everywhere you look. It’s a mess, but it’s a definable mess that you can spot and budget for repairs — once you get the buffalo out of the yard.

Other times Change is like when your super helpful relative comes over and rearranges all your kitchen drawers. Everything looks fine but for weeks you can’t find a single thing. For months you are opening what used to be the silverware drawer and finding pot holders where the forks should be, while your blender is nowhere to be found.

When Change comes my way, I’m not always sure if it’s the water buffalo or the helpful relative type. But to be honest, both can end up doing a ton of good. Holes in a deck and smashed plants can lead you to finally redesign your yard, putting in that pond you always wanted and getting rid of all the rotten wood underfoot. And a rearranged kitchen can have you rethinking what you cook (especially if you can’t find the blender) and even get you to try something new in the crockpot you just found.

These days we all live in a time where Change blows in around us, spinning us around the dance slab of our little world. We trip and hop, trying to keep up with the songs, while avoiding spinning right off into the grass. Then, after a while, when we say we are done dancing, Change laughs and spins us around again. Because up on the stage, the band is still playing and the wind is still blowing.

And the best we can do is step lively — and do our best not to stomp on any toes.

Winter Prosapio is a writer, working mom and Corporate Director of Communications and Government Relations for Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts.

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