Early voting for the 2020 election has began here in the state of Texas. Across the different mediums — whether online, television, radio, or newspaper — the public has been told to have their voice heard, and to go vote. Despite the fact that there will be many that will go and vote for their candidate of choice during this time until the polls close on Election Night, there are those who are registered that either don’t know who to vote for or don’t plan on voting based on the candidates that the two old parties have placed on the ballot.

Since the first presidential debate a while back, I’ve heard more displeasure by my fellow Guadalupe County residents about having to choose between Trump and Biden. I, for sure, don’t plan on voting for either of them since my views drastically differ from both. I also heard the complaints on why we don’t have “another person to choose from.” When I hear this particular complaint, that’s when I decide to let said dissatisfied individual know that they do have more choices on the ballot.

Nolan Schmidt is an independent filmmaker, and serves as Vice Chair for the Guadalupe County Libertarian Party.

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It is hard to find fault with the column by Mr. Schmidt. Though he does tout the candidates he supports from the Libertarian side, he does so without much of the rhetoric of the Republicans or the vitriol of the Democrats, leaving out the disgusting comments so often seen of late.

I appreciate your comments Sir and applaud your drive to remain civil and point out our collective dilemma; “stuck between the rock and a hard place”...


Brief comment on my earlier statement;

Mr. Schmidt, if I could make a suggestion for your candidates, and all Libertarian candidates in general, I would suggest better visibility. As an example, Stephanie Berlin, for whom you advocate on the TSBOE, is essentially ‘invisible’, a difficult person to vote for if you cannot ‘find them’.

Republicans and Democrats have the money to bury the Libertarians, and you can only combat this by being visible.


I realized that I forgot to mention one more candidate in this column: Dr. Julian Mardock, who is currently running for the District 44 seat on the Texas House of Representatives.

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