Terriers and Chihuahuas see the world very differently. Even though our two small dogs look somewhat related, sort of a “brother from another mother” kind of resemblance, their perspectives couldn’t be more opposite.

Klyde, the Chihuahua, has a general mistrust of the world. He eyes new things with suspicion, and will not even taste a new treat. Instead he will look at the treat, look at you, look at the treat, then sit, waiting for you to get the hot dog instead. He has his favorite toy lamb, and prefers to curl in a counter clockwise direction.

Archer, the Terrier, believes everything is AWESOME. He will jump up on anything, he will crash into a wall because he is running too fast for the squeak of any toy, and he will taste anything, including zucchini. Sure, he may spit it out, but he is definitely going to give it a chew. He is completely without bones, and will lie down in such a way that he looks more like a cat than a dog.

So it comes as no surprise that they have different opinions when it comes to guests in the back yard, at least one type. I asked them about this the other day.

Me: So I heard you had an encounter, Archer.

Archer: Yes! Yes I did!

Klyde (sniffing): Wait, did you get attacked?

Archer: Yes! Dad said I was sprayed by a skunk!

Klyde: NO!

Archer: Yes! And it smelled like crazy!

Klyde (shaking his head, putting his paw on Archer’s shoulder): Dude.

Archer: I know!

Klyde: When I was sprayed by a skunk I had to have three baths.

Archer: I have had four so far…

Me: And more are coming.

Archer: That’s not fair!

Klyde: It’s not, cuz it doesn’t come off.

Archer: Mom almost ruined it when she put flowery perfume on me, but luckily it couldn’t cover it all.

Klyde: Ugh. I know what you … wait, you want to keep stinking?

Archer: Stinking? It’s amazing!

Klyde: It’s awful! When I got attacked I rubbed on the rug for a week trying to get it off – and that was after two baths in red soup and a baby shampoo rinse.

Archer: Awful? No way! It’s great! Plus everyone knows when you’re coming. They say “Oh no! There’s Archer!” Then they run. And I chase them. And they scream. It’s a hoot!

Klyde (mortified): You say that like it’s a good thing.

Archer: Yeah! It’s awesome, right Mom?

Me: Sure. Just come here so I can spritz you with a little more orchid blossom.

We all hope the skunk has moved on to other yards and other dogs. Because we know for sure that at least one member of the household is all about scoring another hit. And I’m not sure I have enough orchid blossom perfume left.

Winter Prosapio is a writer, working mom and Corporate Director of Communications and Government Relations for Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts.

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