In case you haven’t been watching or even listening, it really is that time of year once again — it’s back to school. Since I spent the best part of my adult life laboring in public schools across the country, I thought — just for fun — I’d ask some adults and kids alike what it is they’re most looking forward to — or not — as the new school year kicks off.

I believe you’ll enjoy these responses both the serious ones and well, you be the judge of some of the others.

• I’m really looking forward to meeting my new teacher. I hope she’s nice like the one I had last year. — Molly, grade 3

• I can’t wait for school to start. I miss all my friends. I didn’t say I miss school — just my friends. — Carol, grade 8

• School’s starting again? You’ve got to be kidding! — Matt, grade 10

• Pep rallies! I’m a cheerleader and I love our pep rallies. — Anna, grade 11

• Seeing all my friends again. I really miss them. I didn’t see no one all summer. Where did everybody go? — Aleisha, grade 6

• For me, I’m just looking forward to some “quiet time” — finally. —Lea, mother of three school age children

• I can’t wait for school because this year I finally have a car. No more riding those big, ugly yellow cheese wagons. — Devin, grade 11

• I wish school would start tomorrow. All summer my Dad has made me work helping him paint houses and I’m totally sick of it. I need to be in school, so I can sleep. — Alex, grade 12

• It’s so exciting thinking about the upcoming school year. I can hardly wait to meet my new students. It’s going to be a great year. — Shirley, teacher 3rd grade

• All those great gourmet school lunches. What could better? — Martin, grade 12

• Ugh! Now that you ask, how many days of freedom do I have left? — Royce, grade 8

• Hey school is going to be great this year. We’re getting a new principal — yea. — Steven, grade 7

• What am I looking forward to in the new school year? Well, let’s see. Waking up early, carrying a hundred-pound backpack, doing tons of homework, lots of tests and quizzes. Oh, did I mention homework? — Daryl, grade 12

• Band. Playing in the band. I love school and especially being in the band. Band rocks! — Keaton, grade 10

• Really! School’s starting again. So how many days till Christmas break? — Mike, grade 7

• I’m so excited about school starting because I’m finally going to the middle school. Everybody says middle school’s the best! — Becky, grade 6

• One thing and one thing only — football. I’m a starting lineman this year. — Martin, grade 11

• You’ve gotta be kidding me. School should never be allowed to start until after Halloween. — Benjamin, grade 8

In any case, best wishes to everyone going back to school this year — teachers and students alike, good luck!

Mike Fitsko is a retired principal and longtime columnist from New Braunfels.

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