While watching the final presidential debate, all those viewing heard Biden say he would “end the oil industry, transitioning to renewable energy because the oil industry pollutes.” He also said that night and many times previously he would end fracking.

More than 22 million Americans work in some petroleum-related industry. That would be 22 million out of work and quite possible living on government assistance. The rest of America would be the means of support for those 22 million.

Terry Harper serves as the State Republican Executive Committee Senatorial District 21 Chairman.

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Mr. Harper, while I applaud your bringing this discussion forward, I find one subject missing, namely your ignoring the adverse impact that oil usage has had, and continues to have, on the environment.

While I am ‘pro-Oil’, I am also accepting that we cannot continue to use oil as a sole energy resource an sidelining everything else, we must expand. Oil has a role in our economy and society in general, as you’ve pointed out, and energy independence is also a national security issue. BUT, let’s also admit that our growing population is stretching the environmental constraints placed upon us by nature. We cannot continue to ignore the emerging plastics crisis, one where our beaches contain not only visible plastic, but also particulate small enough to be consumed by living things. I mean really, who can ignore the discovery of a plastic bag at 36,000 ft beneath the ocean surface in the Mariana Trench? Who can ignore the expanding ‘garbage islands in every ocean in the world?

Let’s work towards shifting our resources to that which will support our great-grandchildren and not leave behind a mess like we have in the past. Remember what happened with leaded gasoline? Where only the discovery of lead in Artic samples gave us an understanding of the impact we were having to our world?

Though I believe that oil will play a role in our lives for the next generation and beyond, let us all listen to alternatives and be accepting of change – it’s what makes the world work.

I would appreciate your adding your views on pollution and the Republican vision for the environment, as your party is losing a valuable and growing base of support for the lack of it.

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