Editor’s Note: This is the second in a four-part series.

Many of my friends worked in the grocery stores bagging groceries for 35 cents per hour. Mark Williams, a close personal friend while in junior high, delivered medical prescriptions (from William’s Pharmacy) on a bicycle for 25 cents per hour. Close friends (twins) Joe and Tom Bruns worked on their father’s ranch raising cattle, then later worked in the Bruns Farm Supply business as mechanic helpers working on tractors. Joe claims he was paid 40 cents per hour because he was exceptional. He also claims he was fairly slim because his parents didn’t feed him very often. Joe also worked at Wuest’s Grocery and Tom worked at Baenziger’s grocery as sackers for 35 cents per hour.

Floyd McKee is a native of Seguin. He is a retired Air Force Colonel and eight of his ancestors were among the 33 Rangers that organized and developed Walnut Springs and Seguin.

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