At the time of this writing, we are halfway through the early voting of the 2020 primary.

At this point, the mail-in ballots are near equal with the Republicans holding a 10% lead at 1,632 as opposed to the Democrats’ 1,499. For those voting in person, Republicans are showing up at a rate of 3-to-1 overall with a total of 4,575 votes as of Saturday afternoon throughout the county. In varying areas of the county, percentages largely differ where the Seguin location had Republicans voting by more than 5-to-1, the Schertz location had Republicans leading by more than 2-to-1, the north FM 725 location had a Republican lead of more than 3-to-1, the New Berlin location had Republicans leading by more than 7-to-1, the Central Texas Technology Center location had Republicans leading by almost 4-to-1 and in Cibolo, Republicans barely led with a 10% edge.

For many years, Republicans have controlled Guadalupe County politics. As the county becomes more urbanized with the growth of Schertz, Cibolo and the southern part of New Braunfels, it would be normal to expect the Republican grip to slide a little, but so far the Republicans are showing up in slightly higher numbers.

I suspect this is a result of the great economy under Republican leadership at the national and state levels including Guadalupe County Commissioners Court, which has managed to meet the county needs while restricting new taxes and hindering growth restrictive regulations.

If the first week of early voting is an indicator, I believe it is safe to say that little if anything will change at the local level. I have been watching the turnouts in South Texas, but especially the border counties, and am very happy to see the large percentage of Republican voters going to the polls, with considerably higher numbers than ever in the past. Of course, the primary elections have little to do with the November elections other than thinning the herd. It also provides a look at the dedicated voters and which party is showing the most interest in relation to previous primaries.

It will be interesting to see if these numbers continue for the rest of the week and again on Tuesday, March 3.

Quickly, I want to return back to the propositions on both the Republican and Democrat ballots. I have been asked a lot of questions about these propositions. First, I must say, “YES” means you support the proposition and “NO” means you don’t support the proposition. Second, these propositions are non-binding, meaning they will not become law at this time. The propositions are presented by each party and are used as a gauge to determine the support or lack of support by the voters with the intent being that our legislators will be able to look at the results and determine what the voters would like to see become law and what the voters have no interest in.

If you have followed my editorials the last few weeks, you have seen both parties’ propositions. You have seen 10 propositions from the Republicans protecting religious beliefs, the right to bear arms, Texas tax payers, sealing the Texas border, protecting parental rights, preserving monuments and historical artifacts, purging election rolls of non-eligible voters, term limits and preventing parents of minor children from altering their children’s natural gender.

On the other hand, the Democrats want universal health care, free

education, increased restrictions concerning so-called global warming, higher wages and paid time off which ultimately is paid by the consumer, right to dignity and respect which used to be earned, freedom from gun violence (gun restrictions), free housing, unrestricted voting for all, a fair criminal system based on demographics and not crime, illegal immigrant rights, and fair taxation which mean higher taxes for the employed.

Republicans want to protect constitutional rights and Democrats wants free stuff. Don’t forget to vote!!!

Terry Harper serves as the State Republican Executive Committee Senatorial District 21 Chairman.

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Well Mr. Harper, you are able to draw some stark lines, clearly articulating the differences between Democrat and Republican propositions.

The only problem is that you too have missed the mark.

Where is the push for a balanced budget? Where is the Republican effort to control the rampant pollution of the environment? Where is the drive to clarify the 14th Amendment? Where is the advocate for fair and just application of law (poor vs well off)?

The more I hear from the Republican side, the more I am convinced the party has moved further away from its roots.

I mean really, what is wrong with a statement that declares our support for a clean environment? I know that you have seen the trash on our beaches and river banks, the fecal matter counts in the Corpus Christi bays, the plastic piling up with limited avenues of recycling. Why is it that we have to be polar opposites? Is there nothing we can agree on any more?

Our country’s, and our states, population is growing, some places more than others. We, the people, expect that our leaders will look past the petty ‘side taking’ and make decisions to IMPROVE our lives, or at least not ruin them.

The Republican propositions need to have more ‘meat’, more relevance to more people, it can’t always be ‘them or us’. I’m not asking for us to hug or cry on each other’s shoulders, I, like many, would just like to see the Republican Party ensure to include somethings that we all consider important, even if its something the looney Left also supports. even an idiot can have a good idea once in awhile.

As a Republican, a conservative, I’d like to ask that the party who I am part of do their jobs. Performance with dignity and painfully logical decision making. If not, then maybe it’s time for another Tea Party revolution, and maybe you ought to quit taking our money.

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