I’m fairly sure that most, if not all, of the news, noise and campaign material you’ve probably seen has been for federal candidates Joe Biden, M.J. Hegar and Vicente González. There are 11 other races that also matter quite a bit and some of them matter in ways not everyone recognizes.

Even some Texans don’t realize that the Texas Railroad Commission doesn’t regulate railroads, it regulates the oil and gas industry, and this election we have an opportunity to elect a highly qualified individual, who recognizes that global climate change is an existential threat to the existence of our way of life. Her opponent operates oilfield waste disposal businesses and stands to make more money by keeping oil and gas industry regulation to a minimum.

JC Dufresne is a liberal activist and current member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, representing Senate District 25.

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Mr. Dufresne, just picking one of your Democrat candidates, Congressman Gonzalez, I can say that your party is........scary.

Congressman Gonzalez latest missive to his district touts a ‘$25,000 debt relief bill (H.R. 8514) for Federal Student Loans’...... This is literally one of the greatest offenses committed by an individual elected from my district. How will Congressman Gonzalez pay for this $775.5 Billion, thats Billion with a capital B, largesse? By incurring stupendous interest payments for the Federal Budget. By borrowing from my grandchildren. By stealing from me.

Let me ask you Sir, as you support this individual and his platform, who is going to pay for this? What about those people who borrowed outside of the Federal programs? How about people like my wife and I who gave up boats, jet ski’s, vacations, new cars and anything remotely fun in order to make sure we paid the overpriced costs to obtain degrees for our sons? Are we going to see any money back? How do you justify this to people like us?

Yours is the Party of WAP, of Socialism, of No Personal Responsibility, of Division, of Racism, and of Fascism hidden behind Progressive Propaganda. Yours is the Party that leads us down the path of intolerance and eventual destruction.

Having voted split ticket for over 30 years, I can say your party’s lean to the left has led to your toppling into the ditch, like a Saturday night drunk, unable control bodily functions and blissfully unaware of the damage you are causing. I hope and pray that the electorate is able to come to it’s senses before the end, before we make a terrible mistake and enable this injustice to continue.

People! Vote Independent or Republican, and then hold them accountable! Its our country!

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