Three different subjects this month!

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the Delta variant, think of a layering effect. Masking is the first layer, hand washing, sanitation and hygiene is the second layer, followed by social distancing as the third layer, and the fourth layer — vaccination. I want as many layers between this dreadful pandemic and myself as I can get. I hope you do, too! Let’s do what we can to protect ourselves and others.

Donna Dodgen is the mayor of the city of Seguin and writes a monthly column which appears every third Sunday.

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Why is it that government believes the instituting of a ‘fee structure’ is not akin to a tax? A fee is added to a purchase, so what will residents be purchasing for this fee to be added to?

If Seguin has issues with infrastructure, then a plan with an accompanying budget proposal should be put together. The budget would be funded by a tax on city residents.

Seguin, kindly explain the difference between your ‘fee’ and a ‘tax’…..


Seguin has a history of denying/overlooking the basic infrastructural needs of the community. Now, the powers-to-be feel a need to address that by initiating a Storm Water Utility Fee. A fee made necessary due to the rapid growth currently being experienced. Need we remind the city leaders that the growth posing to overtax said infrastructure, was also their initiative? Would such a fee be necessary had they not provided the huge incentives to lure industries to Seguin which has exacerbated the stormwater problem?

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