Thought I would share a few things going on in the Republican Party of Texas. At our fourth quarter meeting on Dec. 14, we passed a unanimous resolution to provide a questionnaire to every candidate for the state Legislature concerning the party’s five legislative priorities, which include the legalization of what is known as Constitutional Carry, ending tax payer funded lobbying, abolishing abortion, property tax reduction and religious freedom and privacy. Candidates for the Legislature will have the option of supporting or opposing each item individually or not responding at all.

The results or failure to respond to this questionnaire will be made public before the March Primary as a tool to help voters make knowledgeable decisions.

Constitutional Carry is the right to carry a firearm without a license by anyone not prohibited by law from firearm possession. Tax payer funded lobbying is the use of tax dollars to promote legislation not in the best interest of the tax payer.

Abolishing abortion is exactly as it sounds and would abolish abortions after the Supreme Court overrules its previous Roe vs. Wade decision. Property tax reduction would be continued legislation to reduce, limit and or restrict future taxation of property at all levels of government. Religious freedom and privacy would protect an individual’s right of religious freedom and restrict any laws that would violate those freedoms.

Also passed was a group of non-binding propositions that will be on the Republican Primary ballot in March 2020. These propositions will help give the Legislature the importance of needed legislation during the 87th Legislature, which will convene in January 2021. The propositions are as follows; First Amendment Rights, Texas should not restrict or prohibit prayer in public schools, Yes or No. Second Amendment rights, Texas should reject restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, Yes or No.

Ending tax payer funded lobbying, Texas should ban the practice of taxpayer funded lobbying, which allows your tax dollars to be spent on lobbyists who work against the tax payer, Yes or No. Border wall, Texas should support the construction of a physical barrier and use existing defense-grade surveillance equipment along the entire southern border of Texas, Yes or No.

Parental rights, Texas parents or legal guardians of public school children under the age of 18 should be the sole decision makers for all their children’s healthcare decisions including, but not limited to, psychological assessment and treatment, contraception, and sex education, Yes or No. Texans should ban chemical castration, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and genital mutilation surgery on all minor children for transition purposes, given that Texas children as young as 3 are being transitioned from their biological sex to the opposite sex, Yes or No.

History, Texas should protect and preserve all historical monuments, artifacts, and buildings, such as the Alamo Cenotaph and our beloved Alamo, and should oppose any reimaging of the Alamo site, Yes or No. Voter integrity, Texas election officials should heed the directives of the Office of the Governor to purge illegal voters from the voter rolls and verify that each new registered voter is a U.S. Citizen, Yes or No.

Bail reform, Bail in Texas should be based only on a person’s danger to society and risk of flight, not the persons ability to pay, Yes or No. Term limits, Texas should limit our state Legislators’ terms to 12 years, Yes or No.

The Primary Election is March 3, leaving about 10 weeks to learn about the candidates and the propositions giving you the opportunity to choose the best of the best candidates and propositions.

Terry Harper serves as the State Republican Executive Committee Senatorial District 21 Chairman.

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