We’ll start this week with a few updates from around the state. Earlier this week, the Texas Historical Commission voted 12-2 not to relocate the Alamo Cenotaph. The Republican Party has been working for several years to protect the Alamo, the Cenotaph and other historical markers and monuments in Texas. Democrats are trying to eliminate historical features while working to rewrite history.

Second, the State Republican Executive Committee voted 54 to 4, passing a resolution to demand Governor Abbott “Open Texas Now.” For a state party to publicly disagree with a sitting governor of the same party is not something we do lightly, and our instinct of loyalty is very strong. So, for this to happen underscores the depth of anger and frustration out there.

Terry Harper serves as the State Republican Executive Committee Senatorial District 21 Chairman.

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Though I believe that the Biden-Harris ticket is a horror story, a not-so-subtle attempt to fool the electorate into believing in a socialist nation, let’s be honest Sir regarding the failures of the Republicans.

We can see through the recent record compensation packages dispensed to CEO’s and others while employees suffer through pay & benefit reductions, an in-your-face swipe at the middle class. We also have seen the assault on some environmental regulations which really should have remained in place while dumping the ones that were a tad ridiculous. While the Republicans have rejected Climate Change, they have ignored the proliferation of plastics with no concrete actions for recycling or control of the waste streams. We continue to see the national debt climb to unheard of heights, with not so much as a nod to fiscal responsibility, a failure our grandchildren will challenged to swallow. Where is the Republican ‘teamwork’ that was present in years past that it REQUIRED to make government work, the lack of which is causing the country to convulse on a monthly basis.

Mr. Harper, while I agree with your assertion that the Democratic ticket is a disaster and look forward to voting for some Republican candidates, I call upon you and other Republicans to get in front of our President, Senators and Representatives and explain to them the finer points of good governance, one which assures our long term success.

Drop the name calling rhetoric, the titfortat reactions and give us what we are paying for; responsible, respectful, reasonable governing through polite discourse and firm action.

We’re getting a bit frustrated here Sir, don’t make us take it out on the Republican Party at the voting booth.....

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