Have you ever wondered why some elections are nonpartisan? I sure have many times. Most nonpartisan elections involve cities and school boards; why do we not want to know right up front if those candidates are right or left leaning?

School boards, in my opinion, are critical to the education of our children and grand children, critical to the direction and future of our nation, critical to our morality, prosperity and sovereignty.

Recently, Austin Independent School District’s elected trustees passed a pornographic sex education policy that includes anal sex, graphic instruction on gender identity, mandating support of the LGBT movement to include instruction no longer using the words mother or father but integrating words like parents or guardians.

More than 100 citizens spoke at the meeting and the overwhelming majority was opposed to the policy. The father of one elementary-aged student demanded to know who gave the school district the right to teach his child how to have oral and anal sex. Another parent declared, “The curriculum is an attack on Christianity, family and parental rights.”

Many of the board members clearly had their minds made up with LGBT and transgender flags mounted on their desk. Forcing this kind of pornography on school children is nothing more than government sanctioned child abuse with the district’s policy grooming children for sex.

David Walls, spokesman for Texas Values, one of the state’s leading family advocacy groups, said, “Austin parents have no reason to entrust their children to a school district that welcomes sex criminals and sexually explicit materials in the school, sending a message that people of faith are no longer welcome in the district.”

Sadly, the sex and gender revolutionaries have commandeered a number of public schools around the nation along with several here in Texas. While they should be teaching grammar, math, history, civics, economics and other life-critical subjects, they are focused on convincing little boys that they might be little girls.

If our first question to school board candidates is not which party they affiliate with, then it should be what is your personal agenda and do you believe education includes indoctrination. If we don’t reclaim our schools, we will soon lose our Republic. Do you as parents have the time to undo what your school district does each week?

We should demand that our school board, our teachers and their staff focus only on life skills needed to be successful and productive leaving religion, social issues and so-called political correctness left to the parents.

Eight of the 15 State Board of Education members are up for election in November 2020. This is a partisan election and every candidate will have a party letter by their name. Currently, Republicans hold 10 of the 15 seats. Electing conservative Republicans to this high-level education board is a major step in keeping our local school districts in line with the expectations of the majority of voters in Texas. I strongly encourage you to think about what is best for our state and for your children.

Should Texas be a leader in skills and job preparation giving our students the tools to be prosperous and successful, or should Texas spend our tax dollars on teaching sex education to children who have not yet reached puberty, taking away time from a real education?

Terry Harper is a longtime Guadalupe County resident and lifelong conservative.

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You would believe that ‘sex education’ is a parental responsibility, and that the schools would be mandated to restrict their activities regarding sex education to biology classes on reproduction.

Why is it that people continue to use ‘the state’ to cover for those that don’t do their job? Why is it that those of us who do communicate with our kids on sex must watch as material we object to is provided, at taxpayer cost, to our kids?

Though I don’t often agree with Mr. Harper, I believe he is correct in his assertion that schools are not for sex education, and it should be altered from it’s current form. If I wanted someone I don’t know to teach my children something as personal and private as sex ed, I’d have made that request.

Get sex education out of school. Return that responsibility to the parents.

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