Exit polls in Iowa showed that regardless of whom the Republican caucus voters were supporting, their motivation was to beat President Obama.

Liberals understand this, and they have launched a "Voter ID" battle to counter the energized conservative voters in the 2012 election.

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The article about a straw poll being taken at the Republican Iowa caucus was amusing. The majority of Republicans surveyed indicated their main purpose in the election was to defeat Democratic President Obama. I thought Republicans always wanted to defeat Democrats and vice versa. Where did I miss the boat in defining party lines? I guess that's what happens when one keeps an open mind and considers themselves independent voters.


Again Mr.Rodriguez has been in the barn yard and has stepped in several piles. As reported in the AARP mag those most hurt by these Gov't issused Photo ID's are the elderly, poor and minorities. For your information AARP (before you make that claim) is not a liberal organization. I really don't have to worry about you responding as you can't support the grap to write.
You state "Liberals will make every effort to "open" the voting process for everyone. They will use lawsuits and civil protests by groups like Occupy Wall Street." I should be everyones position to open voting process to everyone of legal age to vote. It is a shame that in third world countries when they have elections well over 50% of voter vote, in this country we are lucky to ger 40%. And here we have Republicans forceing a requirement that will reduce that percentage every further.

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