I first testified at the Texas Board of Education in 1978 on the high school American history textbooks that were up for adoption the next year. I was not just looking for what was IN the textbooks, but also what was NOT in the textbooks. I found that two of the seven textbooks did not have America’s 1969 landing on the moon. One had only two pages of the Vietnam War and only a paragraph on Watergate. None of them had the Kent State shootings, My Lai massacre, Cambodian invasion, or the Pentagon Papers. When those high school American history textbooks came up for adoption in 1985, Watergate and the Vietnam War were fully covered.

All of American history should be covered and taught … the good, the bad, and the ugly. A country grows, learns and matures when it faces and recognizes its mistakes and tries not to repeat them or attempt to correct them. (The youth in Germany are taught all about Hitler, World War I and II, and the Holocaust. After World War I, Germany was given an unfavorable peace treaty that included reparations that led to the rise of Hitler. After World War II both, Germany and Japan were given favorable peace treaties. Both are still our allies and non-nuclear, although they could become nuclear overnight.)

Robert Bohmfalk is a Seguin resident.

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Most excellent article, Mr. Bohmfalk. Thank you.

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