So, have you given any thought to what you’re going to do with the precious present you’re receiving today? What present? — you might be mumbling to yourself.

To be precise the gift is the one hour, 60 minutes, 3,600 seconds or 3,600,000 milliseconds (you get the idea) you have gained today as a result of the end of Daylight Saving Time.

Just forget that you have to return said gift early next March, but for today the 60-minute bounty is all yours to do with what you will.

So, what do you have in mind? Please don’t be foolish and waste it by allowing it to get submerged into the routine of an ordinary day.

Why not instead celebrate it as the special gift it is?

Do something special with those extra minutes that have the potential to have an unmistakable and undeniable impact on your life.

But in case you’ve just stumbled out of bed, sipping your coffee (make that tea for me) and have not as yet given any thought about how to spend your one-hour lottery win, here’s a half dozen proposals for your consideration:

• Why not pick out a comfortable spot in or outside your home and think about all the things in your life for which you are grateful? Write them down and save your list. Refer to it during those times when things in your life have seen better days.

• Perhaps you might consider writing a letter to a forgotten friend or relative (preferably one who isn’t on Facebook). Include pictures of yourself and your loved ones. Update your life for them asking them to reciprocate.

• Challenge yourself for one hour and think about ways to simplify your life. Reflect on the ways you could make your life happier, more meaningful and less complicated by simply eliminating some of the endless clutter that wastes your time and energy. It’s been said that the more simple our lives become, the more complete we are.

• How about taking the time to begin breaking a bad habit? Since this day is 25 hours long, simple logic says time is on your side. Indeed, by sticking to your guns today when it comes to a habit you want eliminated, each day after should be a breeze.

• If you, like me, are blessed with children — no matter their age — sit and compose a letter explaining how much they mean to you and just how special they are. If you like, you might hold those letters in a safe place and give them to your children on their birthdays, or the day they leave for college or perhaps their wedding day. If nothing else, it will affirm to them, and more importantly to yourself, just how much they mean to you.

• You might just want to grab today’s extra time and royally treat yourself. Do something you truly love. Fish, cook, read, listen to your favorite music, draw or paint. Just do something you would do if only you had the time. Today you just might discover that you do.

As I’ve mentioned so often in this weekly column, it’s what we do each and every day of our lives that determines whether or not we “spend our time” living in the moment and extracting all the joy humanly possible. And today you have an extra hour to do just that.

Mike Fitsko is a retired principal and longtime columnist from New Braunfels.

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