I’m traveling this week and brought Mireya with me for part of the trip. We’re in the Big Apple, and while we were in the city we were detemined to do the one and only thing we can never do in Texas.

Because let’s face it, Texas has Broadway shows that tour through, great restaurants, city life, and plenty of shopping. But there is one thing you won’t find in Texas.

A subway.

I love riding the mass transit systems in big cities because it’s both thrifty and foreign. People think I’m crazy when I insist on taking the train instead of just getting a taxi or a ride share. But I spend plenty of time in a car back home. To truly break from the mold when traveling, I like to try to move around a city like locals do.

And it works great — unless there is a goose.

We had finally gotten our subway bearings and figured out how to pick the correct train to go in the correct direction. We figured out where to look to see when the train we were waiting for would be arriving. It was going so smoothly that we had gotten a tad overconfident.

I know. Never get overconfident in mass transit.

We were waiting for our “W” train which, according to the sign, was headed our way in five minutes. Fifteen minutes later the screen switched to the word “delay,” which struck us as pretty darn vague. Then, in the world’s slowest scrolling type along the bottom of the screen, we were told that there were delays for an alphabet soup listing of trains because of an “incident” on the tracks.

I got a little worried, but the words continued to scroll telling the rest of the story.

Apparently the New York Police Department was in motion, dealing with a goose that was on the track somewhere along the line.

I had my doubts that this was the real story, but sure enough there was a news report. According to the news “a goose was rescued from the subway tracks in Brooklyn after “fowling” up service to a couple subway lines on Monday afternoon…

“It waddled its way to the Church Avenue Station where police were able to grab the animal and take it to safety. The (transportation authority) said it shut off power to the tracks until the bird was rescued.”

After being in this very brash and busy city for a few days where sirens are constantly wailing and people avoid eye contact lest they be panhandled, it was nice to know that when a goose makes a wrong turn, even the city that never sleeps will stop everything and save it. It was almost as good as being back in Texas.

(And I’d like to point out that I made it through this entire column without a single goose pun, although I believe I normally would be quite down with some sort of witty quack or two.)

To see the story, visit 7ny.tv/2Gzd5x1

Winter Prosapio is a writer, working mom and Corporate Director of Communications and Government Relations for Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts.

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