Just months after traveling to Pennsylvania to help the Trump campaign challenge the results of the 2020 election, State Rep. Briscoe Cain was named chair of the Texas House Elections Committee. That appointment doesn’t give me a lot of confidence that we’ll see real improvement in our election laws. Nevertheless, there are plenty of good bills that, if passed, would make it easier for eligible voters to register and vote. There may be others filed later in the session, and it often happens that the text of a bill is added to another so even though the original bill isn’t passed, its goal is achieved.

The following are bills I found using the Texas Legislature Online website’s Bill Search function. Using that site you can look up any of these that catch your attention and read the full text of the bill yourself as well as find new additions, amendments, or bill status as the session goes on. You can even create an account and arrange to get emails when a bill is assigned to a committee, gets a hearing, is amended or passed out of committee, or will be voted on in the House or Senate.

JC Dufresne is a liberal activist and current member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, representing Senate District 25.

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Ah Mr. Dufresne, at it again I see. For a ‘point by point’.....

HB 110 is clearly unneeded, as anyone referencing the website for the Texas Secretary of State; see “votetexas.gov”.

HB 160 and SB are superfluous and ID sufficiently covered in the above.

HB 230 also superfluous and covered in the current laws.

HB is an effort to remove the picture ID requirement of the current law and is against every logical move.

HB 142, HB 519, HB 712 and HB 856 shows a lack of common sense and would complicate an already burdened system, resulting in delayed reporting. If folks are not smart enough to register before the date, why are we allowing this effort? In addition, this allows for party ‘slamming’, whereby ‘vote getters’ scour the communities for extra people with little or no education in the reasoning to vote or who to support.

HB 161, HB 595 and SB 107 (without a careful read) is a common sense issue if there are restrictions, i.e. a 12 month waiting period, as recidivism May be a problem, and what about those who may have a period of probation.

HB 583, HB 802, HB 1232, SB 95 and SB 303 are really not necessary, as there already exists a broad section allowing for mail in voting. I’m not sure, as a citizen, if I want to make voting any more ‘convenient’. Why is it necessary to broaden the restrictions? What rational could be provided which would be reasonable?

HB 844 and HB 1385 are laws which, seemingly, insinuate there is an issue between the state and the county, not sure why that would be. Based on logic, if it makes folks feel better and does not impede or alter the current restrictions on mail in voting, then fine.

HB 1036 is sensible in a way, but is dollar tagged, presenting a long term issue if one were to factor in inflation over the next decade. It would require a ‘sunset provision’ of 2 years in order to verify if still logical or the bill allowing a clearly described inflationary index.

HB 1425 and SB 130 is a very clear violation of the Founding Fathers intentions regarding the Electoral Votes. Texas is a State, one whose electorate demand their voices be heard at the national level, one where the Electoral College allows, demands, that the votes be representative of the state of Texas. Any alteration of this is, and should be, expressly forbidden and a violation against the citizens of this state.

Mr. Dufresne seems to believe that voting is not that important, that the rules should change for convenience, that OUR vote, as Texans, is somehow subservient to the other states.

I wonder Mr. Dufresne, what is your opinion of the House Bill in Washington, which Democrat Representative Vincent Gonzalez voted for, allowing persons to vote in Federal Elections at 16? Are you in favor of this Bill? If so, please make your next column about this effort and the Democrat push to make it law.....

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