Last week, I promised a review of the eleven propositions on the Democrat’s Primary Ballot, but first a quick review of the 10 Republican Propositions.

Paraphrasing: Texas should not restrict or prohibit prayer in public schools. Texas should reject restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. Texas should ban the practice of tax payer funded lobbying. Texas should support the construction of the border wall. Texas parents of minor children should be the sole makers of all healthcare decisions for their children. Texas should ban the sexual alteration of all minor children. Texas should protect and preserve all historical monuments, structures and artifacts. Texas should purge voter rolls of illegal voters and verify that registered voters are legal voters. Texas bail should be based on the person’s danger to society and risk of flight, not ability to pay. Texas legislators’ terms should be limited to 12 years.

And now the propositions from the Democrats: Again, paraphrased.

Prop. 1 Should Texans have the right to universal healthcare, reduced prescription costs and reproductive health care? 

Prop. 2 Should Texans be provided college and career training without student loan debt? 

Prop. 3 Should Texans have the right to clean air and water, affordable alternative energy, and a responsible climate policy?

Prop. 4 Should Texans have the right to economic security, paid family and sick leave, training for future economies and a living wage? 

Prop. 5 Should Texans have a right to dignity and respect free from discrimination and harassment anywhere, including businesses and public facilities, no matter how they identify, the color of their skin, whom they love, socioeconomic status, disability status, housing status or where they come from? 

Prop. 6 Should Texans have a right to be free from violence, gun violence, racial hatred, terrorism, domestic violence, bullying, harassment and sexual assault? 

Prop. 7 Should Texans have a right to affordable and accessible housing with electricity, water, gas and internet free from discrimination?

Prop. 8 Should every eligible Texan have the right to vote, made easier by automatic registration, mobile voting stations and make voting day a holiday free from corporate campaign influence, foreign and domestic influence and gerrymandering? 

Prop. 9 Should Texans have a right to fair criminal justice, a system that treats people equally and puts an end to mass and disproportionate incarceration of people of color? 

Prop. 10 Should Texas have a fair comprehensive immigration reform solution which includes an earned path to citizenship, keeps families together and includes Dreamers? 

Prop. 11 Should Texas establish equitable taxation at all income levels and for businesses and corporations so our state government can fund education, social, infrastructure and all government services.

In my opinion, the answer to all 11 should be NO, but this is the Democrats’ ballot and spells out the core beliefs of the Democratic Party, ignoring personal responsibility, ignoring current law, expecting more taxes from the true working class to provide for those that put little or nothing into our society. 

Expecting free healthcare, free education, free housing but never understanding it is only free for the receivers and an increasing burden on the providers. I could easily contradict every proposition but it would require an entire page of our great community paper.

The Democrats’ propositions are clearly one more step to socialism 

and a continued decline from all that has made America the greatest nation on Earth. America has long been the world leader in industry, technology and education. This has come on the back of both the capitalist and the soldier, those willing to give of their time, wealth and even their lives for the fundamental core beliefs of Americans. 

We can not rest, we can not give up or become complacent, be sure to exercise your right and do your duty to vote and hopefully you will vote to carry on our great tradition and resist any leanings toward socialism.

Early voting began on Feb. 18 and runs through the Feb. 28 with Election Day on March 3.

See you at the polls.

Terry Harper serves as the State Republican Executive Committee Senatorial District 21 Chairman.

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Mr. Harper, I believe you may wish to retract your submittal and ‘try again’. Though I, and most, understand the overall point you are attempting to make, your choices and descriptions are poorly laid out.

Prop 3 is a variant of the Clean Air Act and other bipartisan bills passed to ensure unscrupulous business or governmental entities poisoned the water, land and air. Of course every Texas deserves to have clean air and water. Alternative energy is also something to expect because its coming whether people want it or not. “Responsible climate policy?” What does that mean to the average Texan?

Prop 5.....really? Texans shouldn’t have the right to dignity and respect free of discrimination? Oh, come on!

Prop 9. Now I’m confused as to where you are going with your ‘Democrat socialist Props”. Right to a fair criminal justice system?

As a ‘Centrist’ myself, who votes mainly conservative, I don’t really agree that the things you are stating are not inherent rights as captured in the Constitution and Bills of Rights. How about we, as Republicans, describe the real aspects of the Democrat Socialist agenda and make some accurate comparisons.

Good thrust, but not really delivered correctly. Try again.


Exactly my thought on Mr. Harper's letter, Shepard.

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