On Jan. 6, 2020, during a joint session of Congress to certify the vote of the Electoral College and affirm Joe Biden’s win in last year’s presidential election, there was a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol building by rioters who were opposed to the official election results.

As Vice President Mike Pence and both those in the Senate and House of Representatives were safely evacuated, the rioters began to enter into the nation’s Capitol, and proceeded to vandalize it. As this went on, five individuals were killed (one of them a police officer), 56 of D.C.’s police officers were injured (as well as many others), and more than 80 people were arrested. This was the first time since the 1814 burning of Washington by the British army during the War of 1812 did such an attack happen within the Capitol.

Nolan Schmidt is an independent filmmaker, and serves as Vice Chair for the Guadalupe County Libertarian Party.

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Those to blame for this travesty are the majority of the ones in Congress now, and some that were voted out recently. We know who they are. They’re the ones who spent the last 4 years bickering, whining, cursing, lying, delaying, obstructing, disrespecting and verbally assaulting anyone who showed a least bit of objection to their position. This ‘crowd’ in Congress is made up of both party members, though I fault the Democrats more than the Republicans. The Libertarians and Independents seemed to be the only ones who showed a degree of class.

President Trump shares an amount of responsibility for this as well, though less than Congress. His loud, rude New York manner and inability to communicate or speak well ended up catching up with him, though anyone who voted for him accepted that in order to get his platform.

Let’s recognize something here folks. Fully half of this country is disappointed or incensed at Congress, the other half with the President. Considering that the President is on his way out, I’m less concerned with what just occurred than what’s coming in Congress.

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