Policing the police is currently being brought to the forefront of the mainstream media. Ever since Rodney King was videoed being beaten by four police officers in March of 1991, there has been a continued focus on use of excessive force when dealing with suspects of color. The latest, which resulted in the death of George Floyd, has brought people out in masses to protest excessive use of force. Part of the severity of this protest may be due in part to the populace being cooped up for three months, but there is a lot more to this that extends beyond what the media puts out.

Of all countries in the world, the United States has the highest prison population. According to the International Center for Prison Studies, the United States has a prison population of 2,193,798 inmates. The country that comes in second is China with 1,548,498. Keep in mind that China has a population of 1,394,015,977 while the United States population is at 332,639,102. Even though China has over one billion more people than the United States, we have over half a million more people imprisoned.

Anthony Cristo is a high school English teacher in San Antonio, husband and Libertarian candidate for U.S. Congress in district 34 of Texas.

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