Protests against racial injustice continued across the country over the weekend in cities including Austin; Seattle; Chicago; Portland, Oregon; Louisville, Kentucky; Aurora, Colorado; and Oakland, California. Before all of those, though, there were protests in Boston where a group of protesters were yelling at and threatening a government agent guarding a government building. When he’d had enough, he struck one of the protesters with his weapon. The other protesters took exception and began throwing clods of dirt at the agent, who then called for reinforcements, further inflaming the situation, and shortly after, the agents fired their weapons at the protesters killing five and injuring six others. More recently, Boston protesters met at the harbor and destroyed merchandise being delivered.

Now if you side with the government agents in Boston, congratulations, you’re a Tory supporting King George, as those were the events of the Boston Massacre in March 1770 and the Boston Tea Party in December 1773. The agents were British troops protecting a customs office.

JC Dufresne is a liberal activist and current member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, representing Senate District 25.

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Like comparing cow manure to potato salad, your attempting to draw that line is simply ludicrous.

Mr. Dufresne, if you Democrats would try to meet in the middle, where 80% of the population resides, we’d all be better off. The unfortunate part simply can’t.

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