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Government officials love crisis. The fear of infectious disease or other disasters provides a path for higher levels of control over the citizenry. Crisis creates fear. Don’t believe it? Watch the shelves at your local grocery store when the weather gurus predict local flooding, especially in the Guadalupe River basin. Basic essentials fly off the shelves.

This is not an abnormal reaction, however, for government authorities to use these situations for increased control is no better than those that use the situation to price gouge. We have just witnessed authoritarian policies based on forecast and uneducated guesses by so called professionals who probably have more interest in their financial gain than the well being of their fellow citizens. Everyone knows that the medical and pharmaceutical industry is big bucks.

Have we wrecked our economy for nothing? Edicts from elected officials at all levels have cost Americans a fortune, picking and choosing which people and which businesses are essential. Hobby Lobby is closed, yet you can buy art and craft supplies at Walmart and many home improvement stores.

Hospitals sit idle, medical professionals are sent home well in advance of any known facts. Would it not make more sense to suspend elective measures if hospitals become overwhelmed with infected? There is little to no actual science behind the decisions made that have a major effect on the economic well being of as many as 50% of Americans.

Would it might have been more wise to ask the immune compromised and those with serious health issues to hunker down? Is it safe to assume that a majority of those consumed by the virus would have probably passed within the next few months due to existing serious health issues? Could this event change attitudes like it has in hurricane prone areas? When the Chicken Little people declare the sky is falling and little really happens, human nature soon tends to have people ignore the warnings.

Democrats are trying to use this scare to push a national vote by mail bill. This is a recipe for pure fraud with no real way to know who is and is not really voting. The Government Accountability Institute recently released a stark warning concerning the integrity of the 2020 Presidential Election, suggesting the strong possibility of as many as 24 million fraudulent or inaccurate votes.

Just this last week, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a letter to county judges and election officials that Texans CAN NOT claim disability on fears of the COVID virus to receive a vote by mail ballot. This was brought about by the Harris County judge and elections administrator issuing public statements to the contrary. Texas election code requires an illness or disability for absentee voting, not the fear of illness.

If you missed it, with thousands of Americans standing in lines at food banks, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a video interview on the Late Late Show with James Corden proudly showed off her two massive, built-in, $15,000 refrigerator freezers loaded with expensive ice cream. She later commented that she finds comfort in what is in her freezer. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden tweeted to Pelosi, “You have good taste.” This is a clear indicator of the elite Democrats’ lack of compassion or even the ability to think out their statements. The Democrats’ only wish is to control the masses by offering financial bailouts and showing their constituents what the good life looks like. While we are restricted to two packages of chicken wings at the grocery store, they are proud to show us their freezer full of $15-a-quart ice cream. How comforting!

Terry Harper serves as the State Republican Executive Committee Senatorial District 21 chairman.

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As in many crises, it is far easier after-the-fact to suggest what could/should have been done better. This situation is still unfolding, and it is still possible despite what we have learned, that we don't understand all that need be known to act with complete assurance of being correct.


Good letter, Terry Harper. If Americans can stand in line at HEB , Home Depot, or to buy lottery tickets, they can darn sure stand in line to vote.

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