My name is Jordan “Jordy” Hinds, and I’m from Schertz, Texas. I am currently a junior studying animal science with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine at Texas Tech University.

World Veterinary Day is this weekend, which is important to me because it is my dream to become a veterinarian and specialize in equine sports medicine and surgery.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by some form of animal in our house, whether it be a dog, fish or even hermit crabs. When I was 4 years old, my grandpa sat me down and told me I was reaching the age where I needed to know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I responded with, “I want to be a doctor that makes the sick animals feel better.” He explained to me that the official title is called a “veterinarian,” and from there my family fostered my love of animals and worked tirelessly to help provide me with every opportunity to further my knowledge of, and experience with, animals.

My main inspiration and will to succeed stem from my family, animals and mentors. Words cannot cover how much my family has done to help me achieve my goals, and I’m especially thankful for my grandma and grandpa for starting my love for this field at such a young age.

I’ve been fortunate to have excellent examples of veterinarians and animal caretakers to learn from, one of whom is Dr. Ed Nichols from Crestway Animal Clinic in San Antonio, along with Taryn Villafranca, my horse trainer, and the Burke Family from Optimum Farms, LLC in Buda.

I love being an animal science major because of how hands-on the curriculum is, and how there’s always something new to learn every day. The professors in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Texas Tech are incredibly supportive and helpful. They truly want their students to succeed in whatever field they choose to pursue. Texas Tech has prepared me for my path into veterinary medicine by giving me real-world experience through wonderful professors, some of whom are practicing veterinarians, and allowing me to apply it to what I learn in the classroom. I believe this hands-on style learning will be a great help to me as I get ready to apply to veterinary medical school.

I want to be a veterinarian because there is a great need for them in many areas of the United States, specifically the great state of Texas. Veterinarians help provide a standard of care that makes it possible for you to have a healthy four-legged family member, along with putting healthy food in your grocery stores and on your table. Without veterinarians, no community can thrive, which is why it is so important that Texas Tech’s proposed veterinary school becomes a reality.

Texas Tech’s School of Veterinary Medicine would help me by providing another school to apply to that would allow me to stay in the state and not have to relocate and pay out-of-state tuition. The quality of education at Texas Tech is excellent, and I know the new veterinary school would provide me with opportunities that I may not be able to receive elsewhere.

I support the Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine, and I am asking for members of the Texas Legislature and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to place their support behind Texas Tech as well.

Jordan “Jordy” Hinds is a junior studying animal science with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine at Texas Tech University. She is from Schertz, Texas and a 2017 graduate of Samuel Clemens High School.

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It’s clear her passion for Veterinary medicine. We support the Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine as well and hope the Texas Legislator sees the need. This will help support the many ranchers in Texas and the need for rural Veterinarians. Wishing Jordan and Texas Tech all the best!

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