Congress is looking to pass a $3 trillion COVID Relief bill. Supposedly, the amount given to the people will be higher than the $1,200 per adult last time around. However, this is not the God-send they want you to believe.

Back in April under the CARES-ACT, $1,200 went to each adult and $500 for each qualifying child. The United States population is 328.2 million people. If you subtract the top one percent of earners, which this program stipulated, you will find that 324.918 million people received money. Let’s assume that every one of those people were allotted $1,200 (even though children received $700 less). The total of the payout comes to $389.9 billion. Where did the rest of the money go?

Anthony Cristo is a high school English teacher in San Antonio, husband and Libertarian candidate for U.S. Congress in district 34 of Texas.

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In actuality, there should be no Federal bailout or stimulus money’ for anyone at all. Each individual state should be handling this fiscal crisis on its own, based on the choices to be made locally.

The Federal Government is broke, and has been so for quite some time. Wh3n are people going to wake up to it?

We already have structures in place to assist those who are going through hard times, one of which is called ‘unemployment’. The only change to the current assistance program should be a re-evaluation of the qualifications to broaden the coverage for the short term.

Example. If 30 million Qualified American workers claimed unemployment for 6 months at an average of 4000 per month, the total hit to the treasury would be 720 billion USD, far short of the ridiculous Trillions they want to spend. If the unemployed had money to pay their bills, that money would stay in circulation and enable the economy to limp along.

Bailouts and stimulus cash are nothing short of a taxpayer ripoff and plundering of the public trust. Congress couldn’t even try to pass a balanced budget before the pandemic and their attempts at “assisting the common taxpayer” nothing short of pickpocketing.

No ‘stimulus’ for anyone, ever.


One trillion dollars is in fact. one thousand billion dollars. The current US debt is 24+ trillion dollars. Trillions of additional dollars are being borrowed to buy votes, adding to an indebtedness that will likely never be resolved.

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