Before I get started, I’d like to say that though I am very firm in my political beliefs, I do believe we should always give credit where credit is due. We should always give a pat on the back followed by “Good job, well done,” when, in fact, we see something that took a lot of energy and had a great outcome.

With that I’d like to say Good job, well done to Sunday’s “Cricket Chirps.” Sunday was by far, in my opinion, their best effort at Real News. I enjoyed reading it from beginning to end. Of course I didn’t agree with every concept, but I’m an old Boomer. Just remember, young journalist, that once upon a time, I was a high school student also. A different time and place with different issues. For my senior class, our largest concern was the possibility of being drafted and sent to Vietnam, which also meant that my shoulder-length chocolate brown hair would be shaved to the scalp. I would also be removed from my bell bottom pants and my tie-dyed tee shirt. Not a lot has changed since the Class of 1970 except 50 years of growing up, raising children and enjoying grandchildren. I very much wish I could interview each of you in 50 years but we know that isn’t going to happen unless I live 118 years. Keep doing what you are doing, you are our future. I wish you all the best of luck.

We all know the results of last week’s primary elections. I hope all your candidates won but I’m sure that is not the case for everyone.

First, a message for all our candidates, both winners and losers. Let’s get out there and clean up our mess. Let’s not leave reminders for those that voted or didn’t vote. Please take the time to gather up all your political signs. Voters, if you had a favorite candidate or would like to show your support to your favorite candidate, give that candidate a call and offer to spend a little time gathering their campaign signs. If you have never run a campaign then you have no idea the stress, the time and the money involved. I don’t think any candidate would refuse your offer.

I’m going to keep this shorter than usual today and end with my thoughts. I spent a good part of Thursday and Friday practicing what I preach. I went out and gathered signs for some of the candidates I supported. It is amazing the number of signs scattered all over our county. The signs literally are everywhere. One of the things I observed on a very large number of signs was one common word and that word is ETHICAL.

As I often do to verify my understanding, I turned to my old friend Webster. Old man Webster says ethical is having to do with ethics or conforming to moral or professional standards of conduct. Now, I’m not pointing my crooked finger at any past candidate, but rather speaking to future candidates. If you use the word ethics in your advertising and want to be known as an ethical person then you need to conform to the expected standards. Lies, half truths and good old mud slinging do not fall in that standard.

The Guadalupe County Republican Party had its precinct conventions last Saturday and will hold the county/senate district convention on March 21. Check out the Guadalupe County Republican Facebook page for time and location. Hope to see you there.

Terry Harper serves as the State Republican Executive Committee Senatorial District 21 Chairman.

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