Don’t vote in either the Democratic or Republican primaries unless you want bigger government, higher taxes and less freedom. If you have not voted in a primary, then you can participate in the Libertarian conventions by nominating candidates who will campaign for smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom.

At both the state and national levels, the Libertarian party stands for declaring peace in the War on Drugs. As happened when alcohol prohibition ended, the end of drug prohibition would reduce crime, cripple the drug cartels and allow government to reduce law enforcement expense. The United States should not have more prisoners than any other nation on Earth. We do because of the War on Drugs.

At the state level, half of state government expenditures go to K-12 education. The Economist magazine noted last year that government run schools are more expensive than private schools everywhere on Earth. In communist China, the children of the party elite all go to private schools. As did Chelsea Clinton and the Obama daughters. The Libertarian party believes that all schoolchildren should have the same opportunity.

If Texas were to institute a school voucher system, say at two-thirds of current expenditure, we could save a lot of money. Many parents would search out superior private schools.

I believe that the only requirement should be an annual test, whose results would be published early each summer. So that parents could see how well the schools are teaching their children. I believe that this would provide a better education for less money.

State government is different from the national government because states cannot print their own money or run deficits. The national deficit is now “stable” at an increase of a trillion dollars more per year. What has happened? The Republican party seems content to allow this enormous liability to accrue so long as they can win elections. The Democrat party seems to think that we are not going broke fast enough.

We can’t tax our way out of this dilemma with the current tax system. The progressive income tax is the most destructive to the economy of all taxes, because it selectively discourages the most productive members of society from further efforts. This is why the “Trump tax cuts” did not significantly reduce government revenues. Dr. James Mirrlees demonstrated this way back in 1971, finally winning the Nobel Prize in 1996 for his work on “optimal income taxation.” Interestingly, he was an ardent Labour supporter who found his “heart on the left, but his head on the right.”

Another demonstration of this fact is that ALL of the nanny states of Europe that Democrats want to emulate actually support themselves with a Value Added Tax, or VAT. It’s a 20% sales tax, that everyone pays.

So how could we end deficit spending? By reducing spending. When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. Ending the drug war would help. We could eliminate agricultural subsidies. The average farmer receiving a subsidy has an annual income of $350,000, and a net worth of $3.5 million. Do they need more? How about closing the 20% of domestic military bases that the Pentagon believes are superfluous? It seems very unlikely that we will have need of an 8 million man army anytime soon. The main problem here is that every base has a congressman and two senators. There is so much more unnecessary spending. But that will be a column for another day.

In the meantime, please consider supporting the party of smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom — the Libertarian party.

Julian Mardock is a native Texan and retired physician.

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Though your thoughts were well structured and make sense, voting Libertarian would be like voting for the Whigs, absolutely useless in the end run. I hate to see people like Mr. Mardock work with the Libertarian Party instead of helping us moderate Republicans steer that party towards a path that we can stomach.

The Tea Party and other ‘rebellions’ staged by Republican moderates could have used the Libertarian votes to press for change, change that reflected the older values that now get so much lip service; balanced budget, smaller Federal government, states carrying more load, etc. I for one would like to see the things that Mr. Mardock discusses come to fruition.

The problem with getting us back on track is twofold; entrenched party officials and older representation in Congress. I would like to see the resurrection of the Tea Party within the Republican Party in sufficient numbers to force a course change.

Unfortunately this is going to take awhile, or a national crises to affect.

Due to the current situation in DC, I believe the time is right for a Republican governor to step forward and, acting as a governor, not running for president, collude with other like minded governors to stage a rebellion against the Federal Government. Not one of violence, but one driven and acted upon using our Constitution.

Amendments are the way to go now if we want to stop the ‘power elite’ and corrupt from ruining what we have. A balanced budget amendment would be a good place to start. An amendment to correct the perversion of the 14th amendment another. Amendments which call for term limitations for Congress, generous but logical, and so on.

I personally would like to see Governor Abbot and our Legislature recall our Congressional representatives home and drive home the agenda we all want. Government that is responsive to the people that put them there, not one which allows the perpetuation of the status quo.

I am as much a Libertarian and Independant as a Republican, but seek to affect change from within, rather than allow my voice to be ignored like dogs barking at passing cars. Pursue the ideals you have Sir, but join us to alter our course through the Republican Party.

Julian Mardock

How long have the Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, the governorship, and the courts in Texas? I'm guessing 1992 or 1996. No school choice, just more spending on the public schools. Of course, the Republican stance on the legalization is atrocious. So, I see no possibility of progress from the Republican party.

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