Partisanship in the 21st century can be deadly dangerous. Let me give you a few examples. Republican-led Texas continues to rise on the list of states by proportion of COVID-19 deaths as compared to population, now standing at number 17 with a more than 30% greater proportional death toll than California, the state Texas Republicans like to bash most.

According to a recently published study by Elisa F. Long, M. Keith Chen, and Ryne Rohla at the Anderson School of Management, University of California Los Angeles, Republicans were more than 10% more likely than Democrats to disregard local orders to evacuate their coastal residences in the hours before a hurricane struck the area. The Department of Homeland Security now run by Chad Wolf has been downplaying and shelving reports on the threat of white nationalist terrorism, according to a whistleblower complaint by intelligence-division chief Brian Murphy, who was told it was blocked because of the way it might “reflect upon President Trump.”

JC Dufresne is a liberal activist and current member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, representing Senate District 25.

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And somehow you think a guy77 year old with dementia is going to cure Covid, eliminate hurricanes and wildfires, and bring us all world peace. I love your optimism, Mr. Dufresne. You remind me of a seven year-old on Christmas morning. Bless your heart.


While I certainly enjoy poking holes in the discussions points that Mr Dufresne brings to the table, sometimes his opinion column is too much to choke down in one sitting.

Mr. Dufresne sir, are you saying that the President has hoodwinked us all? That we, those of us voting Republican and independent, are too entranced by the movements of this President to make up our own minds?

Though no blind fan of either President Trump or the Republican Party, even I can see the socialist Marxist disaster brewing within your party. The Democrats have, like the proponents of the song WAP, dropped the thin veneer of decency and moral compass to drive the country into oblivion if elected. Paired with an economic path from 1984 and a rearrangement of the social structure from Dr. Spock and Timothy Leary, your plan for my grandchildren is an abomination.

Better we vote for someone who is FOR their country than those who seek to neuter it. Your path Mr Dufresne, leads us through the weeds and down into the rabbit hole; you need to sober up.

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