To the Citizens of the 25th Judicial District:

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your District Judge, and with your support, I hope to continue for many years to come. I regret that for the second time in a week I have to respond to misrepresentations and outright lies, the first by a political action committee connected to my opponent’s campaign consultant, and the second from my opponent both by letter and in newspaper ads. I have not commented before now because I do not believe that a Judge should stoop to getting in the “mud”. While I have ignored disparaging comments about myself and my wife spread by her campaign, her recent published comments cannot go unaddressed:

1. Individuals who posted my opponent’s application to run, which included her home address, did not get the information from me. While it is public information that can be found either through an information request or on the Internet, I did not authorize, condone or have any part in that situation.

2. In the letter sent out by my opponent that arrived in voters’ mailboxes this week, she complains about a letter critical of her behavior in juvenile court. That complaint about her behavior was neither requested nor circulated by me, and did not state any facts regarding children or juvenile cases. My opponent is the one using these incendiary examples and, in the process, violating the privacy of the children she claims to be trying to protect. I have never spoken about children in any way in the context of my campaign.

3. My opponent claims that I requested her personnel file or the complaint letter she describes in her mailed letter. I did not.

4. My opponent knows that I do not handle juvenile cases in Guadalupe County; she knows that I had nothing to do with any cases she was involved in, and she hasn’t even appeared in my Court in over a year-and-a-half.

I have encouraged all my supporters to focus on the positive. I have 32 years of legal experience, 7 years as your judge. 99% of the cases I hear are never appealed; I have resolved over 10,000 cases in 7 years. Of the small number of cases that have been appealed, my rulings were upheld over 91% of the time.

In addition to experience, this election is about integrity. I have not lied or misrepresented the truth in this campaign. I do not accept campaign contributions from attorneys who may practice before me. Any contributions I may have received from attorneys or their office staff have been returned. I take very seriously my obligation to be truthful and act with integrity and do so to the best of my ability.

When you do not have experience, have a questionable voting record, and a questionable residency issue as my opponent does, you sling mud at the incumbent, play the victim and hope people are confused.

DO NOT BE SWAYED BY THE LIES. DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you have questions about me, contact me. You can reach me through my Facebook page (Re-elect Bill Old For District Judge) or email me at My information is also on my website, If you want information from other sources, ask attorneys who practice in my court or others who know me.


Bill Old currently serves as the 25th Judicial District Judge that presides over Guadalupe, Gonzales, Caldwell and Lavaca counties.

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