Not so very long ago, I spoke to a college class at Georgia State University in Atlanta through the magic of modern technology. Please don’t ask me how it works because I’m fundamentally technologically challenged. But in every sense, I was able to teach the capacity-filled class and they were able to interact with me.

Toward the end of my talk, the professor from Georgia State decided to conduct a Q&A session allowing the students to pick my brain on a variety of topics. One student, Tanner, asked me quite seriously, “Mr. Fitsko, what is the best advice you ever received in your life?”

Stumbling to retrieve an acceptable response, I stalled saying “Why that’s a great question, Tanner.” Then there was the longest pregnant pause you could ever imagine.

Finally, I said it was most likely something one of my favorite high school teachers once told me: “Mike, remember good, better and best. Never rest until your good is better and your better is best.”

Well since my exchange with Tanner, I’ve made it a point to ask others — both young and older — that same question about the best advice they ever received. I continue to be impressed with the broad range of responses — some insightful while others simply humorous. See if you don’t agree.

• “Never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.” — Carol Winkler

• “Never take your life too seriously because none of us is gonna get out of here alive.” — Norman Stacey

• “Never write anything down on paper you wouldn’t want read in a courtroom.” — Lawyer Mike Dritz

• “If at first you don’t succeed, lower your standards.” — Ben Miller

• “If you want to have love, then do the work of love, even if at the beginning you do it without love.” — Dr. Ryan Lozano.

• “Your days may be long, but trust me, life is short.” — Campbel Tayler

• “Always remember that self-pity is like drinking salt water — it dries white on your lips and turns your soul into brine.” — David Timmermann

• “It’s no good to be different just for the sake of being different. But even worse is to be the same when you’re not.” — Tom Polluck

• “Don’t be like me.” — father to his son Richard Esquivel

• “Measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you.” — Virginia Holden

• “Never pick a fight with a bully bigger than you or a woman holding a heavy kitchen utensil.” — Bill Morton

• “When you’re given a choice, choose the one that is going to challenge you the most.” — Teacher Irene Newman

• “Believe in yourself and don’t ever, ever let anyone make you feel unworthy. You are a child of God, so you have little need for the recognition or approval of others.” — Jessi Perez

• “It’s useless to try and argue with someone who believes his own lies.” — Cindy Castello

• “In life you’ll find some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, while others just gargle.” — Ray Griffin

• “Always remember the two rules for success in life — 1) Don’t tell everything you know, and 2) ___________.” Dave Stewart

Mike Fitsko is a retired principal and longtime columnist from New Braunfels.

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