Today, a new president will take the oath of office, one who doesn’t utter lies in every other sentence, one who is competent, one who respects his oath and the democratic principles and institutions of this nation. Today, we reason to look forward to a brighter future.

While I’m certain that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in today, I’m less certain that it will go forward without interruption and perhaps violence. Trump cultists have not given up and the FBI has warned of the potential for an even larger attack on our democracy today. We can hope they are as incompetent as the outgoing president and the Jan. 6 insurrectionists.

JC Dufresne is a liberal activist and current member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, representing Senate District 25.

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‘Censoring’, the weapon of choice for those wishIng to crush any opposition, the weapon of governments and parties desiring control, the weapon of anyone who needs political supremacy.

As Mr. Dufresne has done every time since Mr. Trump began his run for the presidency, he begins with insults, both for the man and his supporters. He follows this with inflammatory remarks, such as ‘cultists’, ‘insurrection’, ‘demagogues’, etc.

Let’s take it from the top shall we?

Mr. Dufresne states, clearly without insinuation, that President Biden does not lie where Mr. Trump did continuously, is competent where Mr. Trump is incompetent, and has ‘respect for his oath and responsibilities’ where Mr. Trump never did.

What manure. Mr. Trump, under assault at ever turn by Democratic congressmen and congresswomen, the business driven media and an wide range of special interests (including foreign governments), was never able to even gain a sense of a working relationship with the opposition. Instead, it was decided upon by those groups that Mr. Trump stood for the wrong side; that his drive to stop illegal immigration was ‘bad’, that his move against the Chinese for their aggressive economic war against America (in concert with those Americans willing to betray their countrymen for money) was ‘wrong’, that restricting travel from countries with a high propensity of terrorists was ‘racist’, that pulling the US from the Paris Accords where American citizens were being penalized and Chinese citizens given advantage was ‘terrible’.

Mr. Dufresne asserts Mr. Trump, with his inability to communicate and New York rich mans attitude, failing to gain any kind of consensus or establish a working relationship with a majority, was a traitor to his country, a man set to betray his fellow citizens. He asserts that anyone who questioned the election process or results is likewise a traitor, unfit to be an American or be heard.

Mr. Dufresne exemplifies everything that is wrong with our current situation. He favors ‘censorship’, an out of control Federal debt, the surrender of our nationhood to foreign governments, rewarding of lawbreaking foreign nationals with American citizenship, penalty's for American citizens and business with shortsighted environmental policies written by foreign governments, the list goes on. He believes that the treatment received by Mr. Trump is reasonable and fair, that the insults by the media and entertainment industry towards Mrs. Trump is acceptable, and that his insults are somehow above that dished out by the former President. Mr. Dufresne ignores the rhetoric and disgusting vitriolic garbage spewing forth from a myriad of Democrat Representatives was just and fair, like the call by Maxine Waters to accost Administration officials, the “impeach that Motherf*#@&#” language, the screeching of ‘Russian collusion’ for four years.

Mr. Dufresne, from one who neither liked Mr. Trump the person, nor Mr. Trump the communicator, I find your perspective to be as destructive and disappointing as the man you pilloried for 4 years.

Shameful and wholly unnecessary, you’ve shown us a glimpse of your ‘America’.

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