Hey, I skipped last month’s column… Did anybody notice? I took a week off out of town, and well, just got lazy…. It is summer after all, and here are some random thoughts as we approach the dog days:

• Once again, the July 4 celebration was terrific. Many thanks to everyone in the community for making the week the best ever! Special thanks to KWED for keeping Freedom Fiesta alive in downtown. The parade, as usual, brought thousands of people downtown for a super event. Marty and I survived our annual tandem bike ride… and WOW! Did you see those fireworks! … I even got compliments on the fireworks from some New Braunfels folks. Special thanks to Kyle Kramm, our Main Street and CVB director, and his staff for making it all come together. Also, many thanks to Jack Jones, our Parks director, and his staff for the best-ever fireworks show, as well as HEB and Niagara Bottling for their generous funding for what has turned into one of the best fireworks displays in the state.

• “Awe-inspiring” and “emotional” are two words that don’t even begin to describe the “Field of Honor” display that decorated the field between Faith Lutheran Church and State Highway 123 Bypass. A thousand big, beautiful, full-sized American flags aligned in perfect rows stood in tribute to service members and first-responders for a full week beginning on June 29. Each flag bore the name of a loved one who had worn a uniform in service to his country or community.

I hope this can be made a regular part of our Fourth of July celebration. At a time when there is so much disrespect for our flag, this was a true demonstration that Old Glory is still treated with reverence in our town. Thanks, and God’s blessings to all the committee members for this event, who worked tirelessly to make it happen.

• We have finally completed the River-San Marcos-Heideke street and drainage “backbone” project. We officially cut the ribbon on the completed project last week. This was the most aggressive upgrade to streets and drainage to Seguin since our city was founded, and it is only the beginning to what is needed. It took nearly 10 years to conceive, plan, design, finance and construct. It will allow the old central part of the city that was built during the 20th century to finally drain properly. Like I said, this is only the beginning of what is needed. A similar project will soon begin on Milam Street from Mountain Street to Kingsbury Street, and will initially create the same dust, mud and misery for all the residents along that street. But as with all that we have done with the streets so far, the misery will be worth it. The big one — College Street — is scheduled for 2022.

In the meantime, we still have our rolling five-year plan for fixing other streets throughout the city in effect, and we’ve got lots of work to do. Our crews are doing it all in-house, and are doing a great job. Go check out Vaughan Avenue in front of Park West to view a good sample of the quality work our city crews are doing.

• As you all know, city staff are working hard to keep up with the growth in Seguin. City hall has been chronically over-crowded for many years, and our new Planning and Development Center is a much-needed facility necessary for us to handle our growth now, and in the future. We have transformed an eyesore into a beautiful addition to downtown at the corner of Mountain & River streets. The grand opening is scheduled for Aug. 1.

• The city manager search is now a matter of sifting through the many qualified candidates who would like to fill the spot soon to be vacated by Doug Faseler. By the looks of the candidates, it seems that our little town has drawn the attention of some very high-quality individuals. We should have a qualified replacement ready to go by mid- to late-September.

Stay cool, everybody.

Gosh, I love this town!

Don Keil is the mayor of the city of Seguin and writes a monthly column which appears every third Thursday.

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