By the time this goes to press, Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, will have come and passed. As everyone knows, Monday is celebrated as Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A day that we celebrate a man who spent his life and gave his life in the pursuit of racial equality, a right granted by God and guaranteed by our Constitution specifically by preserving the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of all Americans.

Also on Monday, we have watched the state of Virginia and its Capitol. Just as King marched with huge crowds in protest of the violation of rights, again we will see thousands marching upon the Virginia Capitol in protest of having their Second Amendment rights being violated by a Democrat-controlled legislature.

Gov. Ralph Northam tried to go so far as to declare and attempt to pass legislation making possession of so called assault-style weapons illegal. Thanks to a huge number of Virginia county and city officials declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries did the Governor and his liberal cronies back down.

Gov. Northam in his fear signed an order making the Capitol a gun free area, has built special fencing around the Capitol and has called in the state guard, state police and other so-called law enforcement agencies during Monday’s event.

Speculation has it that the governor is setting a trap, trying to incite violence to prove his point. It has even been suggested that the governor has covertly invited Antifa to start violence as they are known to do in an attempt to make it appear the Second Amendment protesters look to be the violent ones.

This evening, I watched an old documentary on Ruby Ridge. For those that don’t know, Ruby Ridge was an event in 1992 where federal government agencies entrapped Randy Weaver, a peaceful, self-avowed White supremacist, eventually killing Weaver’s son, wife and friend while injuring Weaver. Weaver and his family lived in a rural shack yet were attacked by our government using tanks, helicopters and high tech gadgetry.

After watching the documentary, I thought about another event right here in Texas. It was the next year, 1993 in Waco involving a couple hundred men, women and children known as Branch Davidians, a wacko religious group worthy of assault by our government because they were out of the ordinary. We all watched for days until government tanks and helicopters brought an end to the event, burning the compound to the ground killing many.

My mind then wandered to Utah, Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management’s assault on the Bundy Ranch, where, once again, federal agents in tactical gear used force to settle a civil matter. Fortunately, armed citizens showed up and this time the government loaded up and backed down.

The story didn’t end there though. In protest, a group of the Bundy’s friends and neighbors commandeered the empty, unmanned Malheur National Wildlife Refuge  building in Oregon in protest of the jailing of Bundy family members. As a result, Robert LaVoy Finicum and a small group were ambushed on a back road by federal agents and Lavoy was, for all purposes, assassinated.

By Wednesday, we will know the outcome of Monday’s events in Virginia. Our Founding Fathers had witnessed an oppressive English government and fully understood how difficult the fight was with the government disarming the citizens. Think of the importance and order of the amendments; the first being freedom of speech, the right to gather, protest and address grievances followed by the second, the right to bear arms in defense against a tyrannical government.

I’m anxious to see the end result of the Virginia governor and legislature’s attempt to squash its citizens’ constitutional rights.

Terry Harper serves as the State Republican Executive Committee Senatorial District 21 Chairman.

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