Happy New Year!

We’re bringing in the new year with a brand-new temporary member of the household. Temporary because this individual will be leaving in the fall with Mireya, our youngest daughter, who plans to move out (which I refuse to discuss, but honestly do you think it’s okay for her to move out when she has a room larger than most apartments and dorm rooms?).

Mireya, who is a cat enthusiast, wanted to adopt a cat she could have when she moved out. Of course, she has a cat, but Inbali, who herself moved out to the yard on her own a year ago, has no desire to live indoors unless it’s cold. After two weeks of attempting to restore a yowling Inbali to indoor status, the lobbying for a new cat began.

Much like Washington, we are very susceptible to lobbying around here. We caved quickly and began discussing timing. It seemed obvious. We needed a new kitten immediately.

Right after Christmas, we went to the most dangerous place in Comal County for our family — the Canyon Lake animal shelter — to look for a potential indoor kitten. Of course there was no way we were “looking.” No one in their right mind goes “looking” for puppies or kittens. You go for “selecting.” You’re lucky if you get out of there with just one, frankly.

After about 30 minutes in the kitten/young adult room, Mumfurd (formerly known as Rhythm) was selected and we barely escaped without me selecting another one.

Mumfurd, named for the band of a slightly different name, is a fluffy classic tabby with a bullseye over each hip and a furry tail that must belong to a different cat because it’s huge and looks like an oversized pipe cleaner. He purred so much on his first day home, we actually checked the internet to see if it was possible that we had broken him already.

Archer, who is a rehabilitated cat chaser, received a stern lecture on not chasing Mumfurd. Unfortunately, we may have over done the stern lecture because now Archer won’t even look at the cat lest we think he is going to do the wrong thing.

Mumfurd’s initial exploration of the house was a bit of a disaster. When we first let him out of Mireya’s bedroom, we used some empty boxes to block the stairs. Somehow, Mumfurd hit them just right, resulting in all the boxes falling on top of him, causing him to freak completely out. He then knocked over a small screen as he jetted back to the bedroom, increasing his freak out to insane levels. He hid in the relative safety of the bedroom, refusing to exit for two days.

Luckily, he is a resilient guy, and as of this moment the apparently boneless Mumfurd is oozing his way around the house gingerly, avoiding the stairs completely. And he does continue to have a few challenges. He has fallen off the bed a couple times, purring the entire time. He is confused by the “I don’t see a cat! What cat?” Archer, but I imagine they will work it out. In other words, he is fitting in this crazy family just fine.

And now, I have a second reason not to talk about someone moving out in the fall.

Winter Prosapio is a writer, a wife, and a working mom of two girls, two cats, and one ridiculously enthusiastic terrier mix.

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